Putin pulled at the Donbass new weapons: a unique video, “for the first time…”

Путин стянул на Донбасс новейшее оружие: появилось уникальное видео, «впервые…»

There was another proof that Russia continues to supply weapons to the occupied Donbas and to use their new military equipment

Since August 1, the volunteers of the international community InformNapalm has published on its website a unique video made in January 2019, in Makeyevka, a local resident.

In the shot of the machine of the modern Russian complex signals intelligence “the turn”. The complex moves along the street Heroes of Stalingrad in the direction of the street of Manuil’skogo. Previously, the complex repeatedly documented in the photo in the Donbass, starting in 2015. In the video “TORN” came for the first time.

The volunteers noted that in a community there is a full version of this video, and the site is now published only in an abridged version to protect witnesses, because in the photo by other people.

Путин стянул на Донбасс новейшее оружие: появилось уникальное видео, «впервые…»

Previously, we reported about the secret weapon of Putin that the Russian military used in the sea of Azov. About the strange behavior of the Russian special services reported in a press-service of the OSS.

“With the direction where the recognized one of the ships of a coast guard of FSB of the Russian Federation, is kept at a certain distance, after dark, there is a clarification of coast guard boats of state border service of Ukraine beam green. The so-called session lighting continues for a few minutes,” – said in the OS.

The military noted that harm to the soldiers of such a beam is not nasino. The decommissioning facility following his actions too. But the military took all necessary measures to protect the personnel. In fact events have already notified the police and the security service.

It is known that not so long ago Russia has used laser weapons in the occupied territory of Donbass. The fighter has lost 80% of vision due to its impact.

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Recall that dozens of powerful explosions occurred at Donbass: the truce is broken, bad news from OOS.

As reported Politeka, explosions resound in the PPC mode “red” introduced in the Donbass.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin has thrown the residents of Donbass with the passports.