Putin prepares hell. Offensive close? In the Donbass for the first time brought a new weapon-the killer

Путин готовит ад. Наступление близко? На Донбасс впервые завезли новое оружие-убийцу

The Russian army began testing the newest system in the occupied part of Donbass

We are talking about heavy duty complex”Rant-2,” which Russia led by Vladimir Putin has not yet officially adopted. This was at the end of the investigation, writes community InformNapalm.

Everything points to the fact that the Russians sent an electronic warfare system “Rant-2” on the Donbass, in order to test it in combat against the Ukrainian army. In addition, Russia may hinder the work of the strategic US drone RQ-4B Global Hawk monitor the situation along the frontline.

Путин готовит ад. Наступление близко? На Донбасс впервые завезли новое оружие-убийцу

Complex EW “Rant-2” in occupied territory, mentioned for the first time on March 16, 2019 in the report of SMM of the OSCE. The news created a furor among observers, because the Russians were planning to send a “Tirade-2” in the Central military district of Russia only in 2019. And on April 3, 2019 Twitter Ukrainian mission of the OSCE published a photo from the drone of the automated jamming stations R-330Ж “Resident” and complex “Rant-2”, which was seen SMM OSCE in the vicinity of the village of South Lomovatka in the Donbas. The system allows you to hit the electronics of the enemy from earth orbit, interfering with satellite signals.

The volunteers of the project InformNapalm found the exact coordinates of the EW system, after examining the pictures in Google maps is 48.418126 38.511170. As it turned out in 2017 in the same area periodically Baths with antennas on military trucks. According to the researchers, this is evidence of the constant presence of electronic warfare in the Donbass.

Путин готовит ад. Наступление близко? На Донбасс впервые завезли новое оружие-убийцу

The suppression system made by the drone of the OSCE, has facilitated the search for a location “Rant 2” in the conflict zone. It should be noted that the press service of the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation accidentally leaking pictures of the newest system. It is expected that officials quickly tried to remove photos, but they are already spread by Russian media.

Since the picture was posted without a signature, it is impossible to say for sure that it depicts exactly what “Rant-2”. However, the volunteers found another photo that also showed the development of new electronic warfare systems. In the background you see the same complex, but with the expanded second antenna. Information on the photo indicates that it was made by 18 July 2018 in Nikolo-Aleksandrovskoye the ground in Stavropolskomu region of the Russian Federation. Volunteers have compared both images and found them to be common. They believe that on Donbass the Russian occupation troops against the Ukrainians feel it is “Rant-2”.

We will remind, Putin brought to Donbass new weapons: the OSCE saw every photo.

As reported Politeka, Wasps showed a new weapon, which will “bruise” the militants: “All positions on the map.”

Also Politeka wrote that the militants showed a “secret weapon” and laugh Ukrainians: “Dangerous rooster”.