Putin predicted the disaster and recalled the fate of the king: “tragic consequences”, the details

Путину предрекли катастрофу и напомнили о судьбе царя: "трагические последствия", детали

It became known as the President of the aggressor country Vladimir Putin will depart from the authorities in the Russian Federation

In an interview with reporters said the American expert and political analyst Leon Aron, reports Radio Liberty.

According to him, Putin’s era will end with the death of Vladimir Putin, would end at his age, but it is possible other variants of the collapse of the current regime in the Kremlin.

Путину предрекли катастрофу и напомнили о судьбе царя: "трагические последствия", детали

Moreover, Leon Aron has compared Vladimir Putin to Nicholas I, and suggested that because of the geopolitical failures of the Putin regime can be shifted.

“Don’t forget, this is also the Russian history, the excesses of those paths led to very serious political defeat. For example, the Crimean war Nicholas I had led to regime change in the country after the defeat. Defeat in the Russo-Japanese war led to the first Russian revolution. It is clear that the colossal failure in the First world war in 1917 led to what we know. Afghanistan was partly, of course, responsible for perestroika and glasnost. Of course, there is a risk here,” he explained his point of view.

The analyst claims that Vladimir Putin believes in her own impunity and continued luck that can play a trick on him, leading to tragic consequences for the Kremlin.

“But again, from what I see, it seems to me that Putin will continue to act exactly how he works now. Because among other things I said, he believes in his own luck, and he for that is there are very serious reasons, he was really lucky, he emerged victorious from the crises of almost all. What did I tell you about his perception of his opponents, I think he could very seriously wrong, and the consequences can be very tragic,” said the American expert.

Путину предрекли катастрофу и напомнили о судьбе царя: "трагические последствия", детали

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To a journalist’s question whether Leon Aron that “rather risky foreign policy action, not the discontent in the country can bring the outcome which is not yet seen” the American analyst said the following:

“Yes, discontent is brewing. But it seems to me that these protests can only lead to two points – the increased terror, increased repression and wand- victory in the foreign policy field: we besieged fortress, I’m a wartime President, about what is there to say protest, we must unite and repel the enemy.”

We will remind, the UN security Council immediately going on the orders of Putin.

As reported Politeka, macron made a sensational statement, Putin said in a panic: what will happen with Ukraine.

Politeka also wrote that Putin was against the wall across Ukraine: the Kremlin has gone to extreme measures.