Putin openly hit Ukraine, voiced sad prediction: “expanding your influence”

Путин открыто ударит по Украине, озвучен печальный прогноз: "расширяет свое влияние"

Scouts of the USA has prepared an awesome forecast for the Ukrainians, according to their calculations, a large-scale offensive of the Russian troops to Ukraine is possible

National intelligence of the United States issued a report which noted the main threats to Ukraine. Possible war of Russia with Ukraine is listed among the major threats facing the world.

“Russia will continue military, political and economic destabilization of Ukraine in order to harm the efforts of Kiev on the integration into the EU and strengthening ties with NATO,” says Coates, in introducing the report.

Following the report, a Russian attack on the Ukraine in 2019 is “possible but not probable.”

Путин открыто ударит по Украине, озвучен печальный прогноз: "расширяет свое влияние"

According to scouts, the tension between Kiev and Moscow in the Azov and Black seas will increase, because “each of the parties will confirm the sovereign rights and possibilities of action on the sea.”

In addition, the interception of Russian military Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait and the delay of the ships ‘ crews in November 2018, which demonstrates the willingness of Putin to limit freedom of navigation of Ukraine in the region, say the scouts.

“The Kremlin will try to keep and possibly expand its influence in the former Soviet Union, which he believes belong to his sphere of influence”, – summed up the coats, representing the officials of the new US intelligence report.

Путин открыто ударит по Украине, озвучен печальный прогноз: "расширяет свое влияние"

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Also earlier it was reported that there was another proof that Russia continues to supply weapons to the occupied Donbas and to use their new military equipment.

The volunteers of the international community InformNapalm has published on its website a unique video made in January 2019, in Makeyevka, a local resident.

In the shot of the machine of the modern Russian complex signals intelligence “the turn”. The complex moves along the street Heroes of Stalingrad in the direction of the street of Manuil’skogo. Previously, the complex repeatedly documented in the photo in the Donbass, starting in 2015. In the video “TORN” came for the first time.

The volunteers noted that in a community there is a full version of this video, and the site is now published only in an abridged version to protect witnesses, because in the photo by other people.

Recall that dozens of powerful explosions occurred at Donbass.

As reported Politeka, explosions resound in the PPC mode “red” introduced in the Donbass.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin has thrown the residents of Donbass with the passports.