Putin lost, the Russians expect catastrophic consequences: the fatal details

Путин проиграл, россиян ждут катастрофические последствия: роковые подробности

Russian President Vladimir Putin will leave the Kremlin, after which the country will embrace a real disaster

A similar opinion was voiced by Russian political analyst Gleb Pavlovsky.

According to him, the reign of the current President must take a long time. However, we can already predict where it will lead.

Путин проиграл, россиян ждут катастрофические последствия: роковые подробности

In particular, Gleb Pavlovsky believes that Putin’s regime is invulnerable nothing but time. The latter is already beginning to act against the political structure of the countries initially emerged from the Gorbachev collapse. He said that now Russia Ekes out a “posthumous existence.”

Moreover, the expert predicted a quick “perestroika” in Russia, associated with the overthrow of Vladimir Putin. In his opinion, the transfer of power to a successor impossible. Too much power has accumulated in the same hands.

“The collapse of the system will resemble the ill-fated collapse of the “Russian world”, — said Gleb Pavlovsky.

The next significant figure in Russian politics, the author sees Alexei Navalny. He said the opposition “perfect figure of the system.” In the near future, policies may get a chance to get into the upper echelons of power. Moreover, the stakeholders will fight to clean up Bulk to your hands. Because in Russia people from lower classes very rarely comes to power.

Путин проиграл, россиян ждут катастрофические последствия: роковые подробности

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With these forecasts agree with the political scientist Lilia Shevtsova. She claims that after the departure of Vladimir Putin from the Kremlin the Russians are faced with catastrophic problems. According to her, after the fall of the regime of Vladimir Putin society will see the demoralized and helpless elite that only knows how to serve “vertical”.

“Here Putin leaves. And it will go and his closest circle. It is inevitable — their collective care will be the legitimization of the new authorities, which will draw people’s support in the overthrow of the old rulers. And what we will see when we finish the third act of this play? Totally demoralized and helpless elite that only knows how to serve “vertical”. And he has no other! It turns out that the solution to the “problem of Putin” — not the most difficult thing,” she says.

Russian expert doubts that the new people in the Kremlin simply will not know what to do with corrupt officials and security forces, which are programmed for repression.

“What to do with 2 million 200 thousand civil servants, who are accustomed to function in the corrupt environment? What to do with 5 million security forces, imprisoned repression? What to do with the experts in programmed maintenance of power? What to do with the intellectuals, parasitic in the Kremlin’s advice and “tents”? What to do with “artists” begging the government, as Andron Konchalovsky, “landmark”? To all of them to do? Where to get those who are the scum can replace?”, summed up Lilia Shevtsova.

Recall Zelensky immediately appealed to Putin in the Donbas was the worst.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky said the main mistake, the mistake can be fatal.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin talked about the complete capture of Ukraine, it is very hard