Putin lost, the Empire began to crumble: the scandalous truth came out

Путин проиграл, империя начала рушиться: скандальная правда выплыла наружу

The monarchy in Russia, which is built by Vladimir Putin, began to crumble soon after the local elections

This was stated by international journalist Ivan Yakovina, reports the portal 24.

In particular, he recalled that elections to local bodies were completed for Vladimir Putin quite unexpectedly this time the party of the President of the Russian Federation won not some random characters, and the people who helped to elect the main enemy of the Kremlin, Alexei Navalny.

Путин проиграл, империя начала рушиться: скандальная правда выплыла наружу

According to Ivan Yakovin, today in Russia there is a competition that the whole country has demonstrated its strength. However, for Vladimir Putin such acts are completely unacceptable.

“He decided to completely destroy alternative centers of power, before he destroys himself. All the staffs Bulk (over 40 of them), unleashed the police, the Prosecutor, FSB and Resguardo,” – says journalist.

The emergence of a second center of power in Russia, Ivan Yakovina directly relates to the fact that the regime of Vladimir Putin has cracked seriously.

“The emergence of a second center of power in Russia means that Putin’s monarchy began to fall apart not only in the fantasies of the scientists, but actually, objectively”, — the journalist summed up in the traditional video blog.

Путин проиграл, империя начала рушиться: скандальная правда выплыла наружу

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We previously reported that Vladimir Putin was trapped, and the coup in the Kremlin prepared the inner circle of the Russian President. According to the historian Sergei Klimovsky, the security forces realized that the uprisings and revolutions in Russia not to avoid. Therefore, the security forces took the decision themselves to prepare and lead a so-called “coup”.

The leaders of the intelligence agencies believe that short and quick revolution, which will be led from the top, in two or three years will help to preserve the country’s prestige and power kegebistov, oligarchs and criminals.

To solve this problem in the KGB are willing to use any tools and methods. One of them is to use this “Mr. Colonel” Girkin, who is looking around the world for kills in 2014 passenger “Boeing” over the Donbas.

We will remind, the military withdrew from Zelensky himself, there was a powerful appeal.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky is preparing a special decree: “an important event for the country.”

Also Politeka wrote, in Kiev celebrated independence Day