Putin issued the sentence, the statement is shocking: “chance of surviving there”

Путин вынес приговор всему человечеству, заявление потрясает: "шансов выжить нет"

If the explosions in Severodvinsk used plutonium, then there is a real threat to life on Earth

This made a Russian writer, publicist Andrey Shipilov.

“Schreiber catapulted the information that in Severodvinsk tried to test the reactor engine that would work on the rifle plutonium-239 instead of uranium-235. If this is true, it is the plague!”, — he considers.

The publicist has assured that has some idea of how Schreiber receives information, what purpose he throws. Comparing these data with the recent “profound” trump’s tweet about the explosion in Severodvinsk, he is inclined to treat this serious stuffing.

“Either use plutonium-239 actually took place, or the Americans and the British clearly aware of such plans of Russia and the “leak” was done as a warning,” he said.

Путин вынес приговор всему человечеству, заявление потрясает: "шансов выжить нет"

Plutonium 239 is a so — called “weapons-grade plutonium”, which is used to create nuclear weapons.

Twenty years ago, the United States and Russia signed the agreement on the cessation of production of weapons-grade plutonium. All parties to the accumulated amount of this element was considered to the last milligram, and its circulation and use is extremely transparent and freely controlled by both parties.

“Russia to build a “unaccounted for” reactor plutonium indicates at least that Russia is not fulfilling the contract, or has any number of unaccounted weapons-grade plutonium hidden from the international community, or Russia continues secretly to produce it. More than likely, since as of 2010 Russia was significantly available reactors suitable for the production of plutonium-239. They officially stopped, but there’s really not check”, — says publicist.

Путин вынес приговор всему человечеству, заявление потрясает: "шансов выжить нет"

If the “rumors” about the plutonium reactor, however, it means a critical decline in the professional skills of those in Russia who decides on the commissioning of nuclear facilities, which poses a real threat to life on Earth, emphasizes the journalist.

According to him, this is a very serious danger, since all of the weapons-grade plutonium-239 contaminated with other highly radioactive isotopes of the same plutonium that do not interfere with uncontrolled nuclear reaction (i.e. nuclear explosion), but they do problematic controlled nuclear reaction (nuclear power station), as “pollutants” isotopes formed during such a reaction.

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“And the land of the infected, can be returned into economic circulation and, much earlier, “deactivated” by the dilution — to dig, dig soil, wash off…And if the “responsible comrades” from Russia suddenly decided not only to begin their build but also to run in the air (or float freely), it indicates a complete lack of adequacy and brakes (or bluff with the purpose of this inadequacy to demonstrate)…”, — he writes.

Earlier, the Ukrainian radiometric network of the hydrometeorological service moved to high alert after reports that Ukraine is “covered” radiation cloud after an explosion in Arkhangelsk region.

Most of the measurements instructed to take weather stations Kharkiv, Sumy, Donetsk, Lugansk and Odessa regions, writes SSES.

So far, the results of radiometric measurements of the fears of experts cause.

Hypothetically in Eastern and South-Eastern regions of Ukraine radioactively contaminated air masses could be observed in the night from 11 to 12 August. But at the moment no changes in the background radiation are not observed.

As you know, August 8, in a military unit in the village of nyonoksa in the Arkhangelsk region, an explosion occurred during testing of the engine the rocket ship of the Russian Navy. Later it turned out that killed five employees of Rosatom, and another three received injuries and burns.

In the United States believe that the explosion at Archangel was associated with the program of hypersonic cruise missiles, the Kremlin. Officially Washington has not been able to confirm that under the Severodvinsk had been a nuclear explosion, but believes that radioactive elements were present.

Recall that radiation blast Putin is cluttered with details, the victims were more.

As reported Politeka, nuclear explosion in Russia turned out to be true: Putin finally responded.

Also Politeka wrote that declassified Putin’s plan for a nuclear explosion, details and frames a “new Chernobyl”.