Putin is trapped, the coup serves the closest: fatal details

Путин в ловушке, переворот готовят самые близкие: фатальные подробности

Russian President Vladimir Putin risks losing power in the Kremlin this fall

Such forecast was voiced by the more recent adept of the aggressive policy of the Kremlin, former leader of the militants “DNR” Igor Strelkov-Girkin.

So, one of the main murderers of the Kremlin saw the preconditions for revolution in the mass protests against the arrest of journalist Ivan Golunova. Besides, as said Strelkov-Girkin, the situation will aggravate the failure of the Russian Federation in the Donbass and Syria.

Путин в ловушке, переворот готовят самые близкие: фатальные подробности

Moreover, as noted by former militants in the Donbas, the current Russian opposition is acting like it was not even in the protests on Bolotnaya square. Thus, Igor Strelkov-Girkin has hinted that Vladimir Putin could lose the throne until the winter.

Also, the ex-adept of the aggressive policy of the Kremlin is convinced that the pressure on Putin will be more. This is due to the elections which should take place this coming autumn. The opposition will organize many surprises for the current government, they will be on the elections outside polling stations.

With this prediction agrees the historian and writer Sergei Klimovsky. According to him, today the FSB is developing a plan to offset Vladimir Putin from the Kremlin. So, the security forces realized that the uprisings and revolutions in Russia not to avoid. Therefore, the security forces took the decision themselves to prepare and lead a so-called “coup”.

The leaders of the intelligence agencies believe that short and quick revolution, which will be led from the top, in two or three years will help to preserve the country’s prestige and power kegebistov, oligarchs and criminals.

Путин в ловушке, переворот готовят самые близкие: фатальные подробности

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To solve this problem in the KGB are willing to use any tools and methods. One of them is to use this “Mr. Colonel” Girkin, who is looking around the world for kills in 2014 passenger “Boeing” over the Donbas.

According Klimovskii, surrounded by Putin Girkin while regarded only as a provocateur that stirs protests of the Russians. He still did not answer why not to lead a rebellion against Putin.

“The final should look something like this: in Russia, happened, finally, the right of revolution, which for so long spoke on “echo of Moscow”, and now the two sisters are free to associate in a fraternal embrace and suffocate in them and Belarus. This Venediktov rude demands on the resources of the FSB in Ukraine to allow it to open in Kiev, Lviv and Odessa offices of “echo of Moscow”, to change the law on language and quotas for radio, and immediately forget about all those killed in the war with Russia,” — explained his point of view Sergey Klimovsky

We will remind, the military withdrew from Zelensky himself, there was a powerful appeal.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky is preparing a special decree: “an important event for the country.”

Also Politeka wrote, in Kiev celebrated independence Day