Putin is preparing an attack, there was the extraordinary decision of the Ministry of defense: what is really going on

Путин готовит атаку, появилось чрезвычайное решение Минобороны: что на самом деле происходит

Militants in the Donbas cynically violate the Minsk agreements with the tacit approval of Putin

This problem today, August 15, will be discussed at a meeting at the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. In particular, we will focus on the deployment of systems of volley fire “Grad” and other prohibited weapons not controlled by Kyiv authorities of the territory of Luhansk oblast, as reported by the Browser.

The meeting will be held with the participation of all senior officials – except the Minister of defense will be attended by all heads of departments of the Ministry of defense and representatives of the General staff of the armed forces. This information the publication said the military the diplomat, the Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, major-General reserve Peter Garashchuk.

According to the General, this question (i.e. a blatant violation of the Minsk agreements) will certainly be considered.

Путин готовит атаку, появилось чрезвычайное решение Минобороны: что на самом деле происходит

Peter Garashchuk emphasized the fact that the country’s leadership – President Zelensky, the defense Minister, chief of General staff – do not want war. That is why every effort towards the implementation of the first paragraph of the Minsk agreements – the ceasefire.

“They want this war between Russia, which invaded Ukraine, and Ukraine as soon as possible,” said Garashchuk.

We will remind, the previous day positions of Ukrainian armed forces in Donbass were fired 13 times. This information appeared in the Facebook account of the Operation of the joint forces.

As noted, twice the fighters used Minsk agreements prohibited weapons such as mortars 20 mm and 82 mm. the Enemy shelled positions of the OOS from small arms, as well as using mortars with heavy machine guns.

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Путин готовит атаку, появилось чрезвычайное решение Минобороны: что на самом деле происходит

It is also said on nine attacks committed in the area of responsibility of the group “EAST”. The enemy fired heavy machine guns, small arms, anti-tank rocket launchers and grenade launchers of other systems near Lebedinsky, Hnutove, and Water, and not far from Nikolaev.

According to information, the fire was in the area of group “NORTH”, where he was shelled for four positions of the Ukrainian military: from manual anti-tank grenade launchers near Novoluganskogo, prohibited 120-mm mortars and automatic grenade launchers in the area of zaytsevo. The fire also led from heavy machine guns and anti-tank grenade launchers easel near the farm Free.

Recall that the militants went on the attack in OOS: began a hard battle, APU stood.

As reported Politeka, Mat magically defeated the militants in OOS: there were details and video bright attack.

Earlier Politeka wrote that Putin is preparing to attack: Donbass stuffed with weapons-killer, there was bad news.