Putin is in a panic: he discovered the secret plans for the Donbass, “constantly offering…”

Путин в панике: вскрылись тайные планы по Донбассу, "постоянно предлагает..."

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko acknowledged that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin does not aspire to the meeting

Recently, the Minister of foreign Affairs Vadym Prystayko said that Vladimir Putin does not show the desire to meet “channel four”. Writes Politeka, head of the Russian Federation each time looking for new reasons to reschedule this meeting for an indefinite period. He declared it on air of ICTV TV channel.

Путин в панике: вскрылись тайные планы по Донбассу, "постоянно предлагает..."

However, he noted that Russia is now feeling some pressure on myself, because Ukraine, with its sides began to take practical steps to meeting took place. Vladimir Putin forced to seek more fundamental reasons to move the meeting of heads of state.

“France and Germany ready, and Russia is constantly offering new set of dates,” said Pristayko, stressing that Ukraine is for this, “stopped shooting, and talked about this ill-fated formula Steinmeier”.

“At least this time, the meeting is postponed further and further. The first time I heard about the technical impossibility to come Putin, although the two leaders was proposed and the date was proposed by the French,” added the Minister.

Also Vadim pristayko said that Vladimir Zelensky and his team are doing everything possible to restore peace in the Donbas. About it writes “New time”. While every effort to return the occupied territory. But if this doesn’t work out, there will be others.

“If we will see that Putin will never do anything, and our partners can no longer force him to go to progress in this direction, we have honestly to all citizens of Ukraine, this track we can’t run, and no one can help… and we forced you to move on to track number two, etc. Until we will not understand that he has exhausted all the positions,” said Pristayko.

Путин в панике: вскрылись тайные планы по Донбассу, "постоянно предлагает..."

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