“Putin is Hitler”: the Kremlin regime predicted the imminent end (VIDEO)

»Путин — это Гитлер»: кремлевскому режиму предсказали скорый конец (ВИДЕО)

Russian President Vladimir Putin is the reincarnation of the Fuhrer of Nazi Germany of Adolf Hitler. He behaves like Hitler before World war II, selecting for themselves almost the whole of Europe.

This broadcast ObozTV said Lieutenant-General, veteran of foreign intelligence, expert on security issues Vasily Bogdan. He recalled that we all know what ended the story of Hitler.

“I am deeply convinced that this will end and the fate of the Putin regime. I don’t think Russia’s history is over, but the regime — and quite tragically,” said Bogdan.

According to him, the Russian Federation is already an outcast, and eventually, if the awareness of its threat to dominate the West, appropriate measures will be taken.

“Russia grossly disturbs and violates the border and in the Baltic States and in Norway and Sweden, and the United Kingdom appear their submarines and fly their bombers. It’s annoying, bully and trying to demonstrate their military muscle to show that she’s powerful, she’s strong, that she should fear,” explained a former intelligence officer.

Given the fact that the vast majority of European countries are NATO members, according to Bogdan they adhere to a single strategy. And because of the threat posed by Russia, they will act against it together.

“And it is unlikely Putin will be able to divide Europe or NATO, as he would like,” concluded Lieutenant General.


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