Putin is doomed, crushing blow is already prepared for: “will hang on poles”

Путин обречен, сокрушительный удар уже уготовлен: "будут вешать на столбах"

The fall of the regime of Vladimir Putin is inevitable, and it shows with their absurd acts

A similar opinion was voiced by the Russian opposition leader and financier Slava Rabinovich.

According to him, the recent arrest of an American investor in Russia czars showed that foreign assets under the regime of Vladimir Putin can not be considered safe.

Путин обречен, сокрушительный удар уже уготовлен: "будут вешать на столбах"

Moreover, according to Slava Rabinovich, the detention Calvey is another link in the long chain of crimes of the regime, which runs Vladimir Putin.

“When Nkvdshnikov Vladimir Putin, differently to be and could not. The terror of Putin’s gang. The dismantling of the constitutional order. A whole bunch of serious articles of the criminal code is crying out for Putin’s gang. And Putin OPG should not be surprised when its members will have to hang on poles. We definitely will not forget and certainly not forgive”, — he stressed.

According to military observer Anton Mikhnenko, Vladimir Putin accelerated the collapse of his regime the RF output of the INF Treaty. He is confident that this decision will enable countries to develop their nuclear and missile capacity but Moscow can’t afford a new “arms race”, and it is waiting for a “dire future”.

“It will be completely ruined if I decide to do this. Our Northern neighbor immediately comprehend the enormous consequences – economic, political, diplomatic. In fact, there is a return to the cold war period, that is, when the country will be looking for certain arguments to accuse your opponent in those or other steps, actions, events. Now will happen a certain arms race. USA, Russia and other countries will be to create weapons for deterrence and attack. Will go to escalate the tension. USA and China have a very strong economy, so tragically for them, the arms race is not affected. But if Russia collapses, it will be all bad, as the consequences will affect all the neighboring regions of the Russian Federation”, — he explained his point of view.

Путин обречен, сокрушительный удар уже уготовлен: "будут вешать на столбах"

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British expert Brooks Newmark, in turn, argues that Vladimir Putin’s regime is being seriously affected by international sanctions, but financial constraints should be more powerful. The representative of the Minister in conversation with journalists also told exactly how to strike at Vladimir Putin to change his line of conduct.

“The more we put pressure on people around Putin, the greater the likelihood that it will lead to a change in his behavior, in contrast to the simple economic sanctions that harm ordinary Russians, not Putin and the people around him”, – he explained.

Recall Zelensky immediately appealed to Putin in the Donbas was the worst.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky said the main mistake, the mistake can be fatal.

Also Politeka wrote that surfaced the dirty secret of the team Zelensky: what journalists saw in the office of the President.