Putin is a ridiculous position brought the Russians to tears: “Hemorrhoids worried”

Путин нелепой позой довел россиян до слез: "Геморрой беспокоит"

The President of the aggressor country Vladimir Putin was caught in a ridiculous situation

This time Vladimir Putin disgraced at the meeting with the former President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

About this in his Twitter wrote the propagandist Dmitry Smirnov.

“Vladimir Putin — Nazarbayev: we Have events-the main tomorrow. And we came to you tonight at your invitation solely guided by one principle: out of respect to you personally,” — says the publication.

Users with humor reacted to the publication and drew attention to the strange position of the President of the Russian Federation. Some have speculated that Vladimir Putin suffers from hemorrhoids, and others noted that “old people” discussing medical procedures

“They have all the events, for example, enemas and electrophoresis…. but tomorrow,” “the Two fart”, “the cuckoo praises the cock,” “Two old cock”, “Path straightened her back and sitting like a proud Falcon. It hemorrhoids care? So let grandpa Nazarbayev, he contacts the proctologist throw”, — they are joking in the comments.

Путин нелепой позой довел россиян до слез: "Геморрой беспокоит"

Путин нелепой позой довел россиян до слез: "Геморрой беспокоит"

Recall that Putin is scared of scientists his new appearance: “the old man’s face floated”.

As reported Politeka, double Putin has angered Russians ridiculous reaction: “Bald dog”.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin infuriated the Russians a military solution: “Grandpa really bad.”