Putin immediately called the head of the “DNR” Pushilin: what’s going on. There will be serious changes

Путин срочно вызвал главу "ДНР" Пушилина: что происходит. Будут серьезные перемены

The leader of the so-called DNR Denis Pushilin urgently went to Moscow to Vladimir Putin

About it reports “Apostrof”, referring to the separatist Telegram channel.

As we know, Denis Pushilin is currently in Moscow. It is reported that most likely the leader of the militants called in the Russian capital, to consult regarding recent events in the Kremlin. Namely, appointing Mikhail Babich to the post of curator of terrorist groups”, L/DNI.”

Путин срочно вызвал главу "ДНР" Пушилина: что происходит. Будут серьезные перемены

“Denis Pushilin is currently in Moscow. If Babych was in LDNR — hardly the acting head of one of the Donbass republics would have allowed myself to go “behind the ribbon”. Most likely Pushilin invited to consultations associated with the last vnutriukrainskie events. However, the content of these consultations remains unknown,” wrote in the message.

Путин срочно вызвал главу "ДНР" Пушилина: что происходит. Будут серьезные перемены

Earlier it was reported that the Kremlin probably has already found the candidacy of the new curator of the “L/DNR” is Vladislav Surkov. Russian ex-Ambassador to Belarus Mikhail Babich will be able to supervise the policy of the Kremlin on uncontrollable Kiev territories of Donbass. Now it is Vladislav Surkov. As reports UKRINFORM, the apparent rotation of the said Russian lawyer and human rights activist mark Feigin. “Babich is considered to be a person who has a very close relationship with Putin. However, his as a native of the GRU assigned to those areas where the Kremlin wants to designate more drastic action. Therefore, his appointment to the curatorship in “DNR” and “LNR” can mean more drastic action there (as one of the options — including the recognition of the Republic),” — said Feigin.

The human rights activist concludes about the upcoming rotation, based on the incident of the resignation of Oleg Govorun, who is called “man Surkov.” Talker was removed from the post of head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation on border cooperation. Apparently, for this position and will appoint Babich, suggests Feigin.

Recall, the new photo of the wife of the leader of “DNR” laugh network.

As reported Politeka, the network showed a Ukrainian passport of the leader of fighters “DNR” Denis Pushilin.

Also Politeka wrote that in “DNR” began to have serious problems with financing.