Putin, his fate sealed long ago: it became known about the crash

Путин все, его судьба давно предрешена: стало известно о катастрофе

The Putin regime in Russia is doomed, and after his departure, the country remains bogged down in a civil war

A similar opinion was voiced by the captain 1-St rank of the U.S. Navy, retired, former NATO representative in Russia Harry Tabs.

According to him, Vladimir Putin is the main enemy of the Russian Federation, but he was very lucky with the people, which revolts and protests that he would not do.

Путин все, его судьба давно предрешена: стало известно о катастрофе

Tabs claims that Vladimir Putin was tired of the government and it is clearly visible in all his recent speeches. Russia has all the same problems to which the President of the Russian Federation every year loses interest.

“Tired of him, he doesn’t want to do. Putin lives in a parallel reality, he’s not interested. It made sick power, and lots of power for a long time, and people poisoned by power,” — says Tabah.

Former NATO representative in Russia, I am sure that Vladimir Putin will soon be gone from the Kremlin, and the Empire itself is doomed to decay. This is due to the fact that the President of the country during the years of his reign, finally killed democracy.

“But after Putin, Russia will break up, because everyone will start to fight for power. I am sure that in the Crimea, something will start in Kaliningrad else. It will be the collapse of the Empire. And it will happen because Putin has completely destroyed democracy in the country,” — says tabah.

Путин все, его судьба давно предрешена: стало известно о катастрофе

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According to the international journalist Ivan Yakovina, Vladimir Putin has decided on his successor, and it talks about the imminent change of power in Russia. According to him, the next President of Russia may be the current Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Over the past 20 years, Russia still remains in the form of a Republic, in fact, turned into an absolute monarchy with its main feature: the will of the ruler is more important than any laws and institutions… Vladimir Putin has achieved absolute power,” he said.

Yakovina said that Medvedev may fall out of favor in only one case: if you start to put term lick on the throne. In his opinion, the current term will probably be Putin’s last. According to the Constitution, after six years of rule he will have to give the Kremlin another person for another six years. In 2030, Putin will be 77 years old. To run for President to work to 83 is quite difficult.

According to the journalist, today Vladimir Putin and his actions pushes the elite to a Palace coup, “cutting off their path to the West, and frightening them with uncertainty, starting repressions-light inside Russia.”

“He lost the active support in society, and therefore staged in the last election a monstrous fraud. But the main thing – Putin with his own hands prepared a completely legitimate, relatively young, but already experienced, known throughout the country and the world a successor who would suit the elites much more than the current king. Talking about the above mentioned Dmitry Medvedev”, – he says.

Recall Zelensky immediately appealed to Putin in the Donbas was the worst.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky said the main mistake, the mistake can be fatal.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin talked about the complete capture of Ukraine, it is very hard