Putin has smeared in the eyes of all, the scandalous video, “I despise you”

Путина смешали с грязью на глазах у всех, скандальное видео: «Я тебя презираю»

In protests Russia has addressed a powerful letter to President Vladimir Putin

Recently in Russia have passed mass protest actions in which people argued for the right to fair elections. At a mass stock many criticized the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Special attention attracted the girl, whose angry speech addressed to the Russian President caught on video and posted online. In the video a young Russian woman openly turns to Putin and calls him “old and stupid thief.”

“The President’s administration, you do not want any drops. We are not happy with your work. The President — you are old and stupid. I despise you. You are a very criminal people. You have formed a criminal system in Russia. I do not agree with it, I want a different government, totally different. I want to select I want this selection to have, I don’t have it. You the usurper! I am against You, and I am not afraid absolutely. You, Putin, thief!”, — emotionally said the girl.

In two days the video has garnered over 800 thousand views, and caused a heated debate on the network.

“The girl with the eggs. Well done” “To the top! Let johnny see the old ass!”, “The President is not only stupid, he is arrogant and hypocritical. And all those around him deserved the death penalty”, “girl done missed a free man”, “said it right, nothing more to add,” write the people.

Путина смешали с грязью на глазах у всех, скандальное видео: «Я тебя презираю»

Previously, we reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin has submitted to the court.

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In a bold move decided the lawyer from Vladivostok named max Chikunov, which submitted the application for bringing to administrative responsibility of President Vladimir Putin for riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

He explained that we are talking about the controversial Putin’s visit to the occupied Sevastopol, during which Russian President staged a demonstration race on a motorcycle. Meanwhile, Putin has violated traffic rules, allowing himself riding without a helmet.

Recall, Putin had a chance to escape from the rebellion, bad news for Ukraine.

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Also Politeka wrote that Putin stunned strange activities in the Crimea.