Putin has put the world in danger of destruction, the truth was revealed: “Ukraine is already infected”

Путин поставил мир под угрозу уничтожения, вскрылась правда: "Украина уже заражена"

Russian President Vladimir Putin led to the catastrophe that threatens millions of lives

Recently, at the landfill site in the Arkhangelsk region of Russia explosion, the accident killed at least seven people, and soon in the region noticed the elevated radiation background. In Corporation “Rosatom” reported that the exploded jet propulsion system, and subsequently acknowledged that the tragedy occurred during testing of a new “special products”. Foreign media began to write about the radiation after the explosion of a rocket in Russia, which was discovered by Norwegian scientists.

The rocket exploded in the Russian North, has radiated the vast territory from Ukraine in the West to China in the East and right up to the Arabian sea in the South.

Путин поставил мир под угрозу уничтожения, вскрылась правда: "Украина уже заражена"

The situation reacted journalist and blogger Ivan Yakovina on his page in Facebook.

“Sands, who in the f*scarlet shoved a map infection, said: “It’s absurd”. But even he could tell when his boss ordered me to disable the station monitoring of nuclear explosions to hide from the public the extent of the contamination, and hide from the world and its nature. Fortunately for Europe, the radioactive cloud at this time mainly covered Russia and Kazakhstan. But if the wind blew in from the East, all of Europe would be contaminated,” says the blogger.

Yakovina said that NATO classification of the exploded rocket called Skyfall. He also added that Putin to pull something like this impossible, yet a little more, and that his experiments would destroy the world.

“I believe that the civilized world must take action, while Putin was not destroyed. The world needs a hero”, — the journalist summed up.

Путин поставил мир под угрозу уничтожения, вскрылась правда: "Украина уже заражена"

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Also earlier it was reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin scored again in public. This time Vladimir Putin disgraced ridiculous statement during a meeting with the President of France Emmanuel Macron.

Appropriate publication in the microblog has made the Russian propagandist of the Kremlin pool Dmitry Smirnov.

“Putin about “Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok” it doesn’t Matter that today it seems impossible. What seems impossible today, tomorrow may become inevitable. If we set such goals, then sooner or later come to it”, — says the publication.

Users reacted with humour to the post of promoter and noted that Putin has serious problems with his head. Others drew attention to the fascist views of the President and reminded him of the fate of previous dictators.

We will remind, Putin “hidden” from Tarantino, adventure Director in the Kremlin blew up the network.

As reported Politeka, archival photo of Putin conquered network, shame the whole world can see.

Also Politeka wrote that discovered the “boss” of Putin and his place of residence.