Putin has prepared a nuclear attack, plan for the destruction of already ready: which city will fall first

Путин подготовил ядерный удар, план по уничтожению уже готов: какой город падет первым

It became known as Russia will act in case of a nuclear war and which city will fall first from the impact of Putin’s troops

If you ignite a military conflict, Russia will strike on the port city of Bremerhaven in Northwest Germany with a nuclear submarine of the project 885 “Ash”.

This writes a former employee of the international security Program at the Center for strategic and international studies in the US Andrew Metrics. Expert Andrew Metric claims that the other ports located in the Netherlands and Belgium, due to their size are more resistant to attack.

Путин подготовил ядерный удар, план по уничтожению уже готов: какой город падет первым

The author calls Bremerhaven “major U.S. land port of landing in Europe.” According to him, the strike at the port would damage the logistic system of the USA. In his opinion, is the single most important site for the movement of heavy equipment to the European theater of potential military action. Bremerhaven is particularly easy to isolate, since the access of ships to the port is through two gateways

The expert is sure that in addition, the railway line goes to the port via two bridges.

Nuclear submarine “Severodvinsk” project 885 “Yasen” was adopted by the Russian Navy in 2014. Currently, the submarine is the only active ship of the series. The submarine, equipped with missile complex “Kalibr-PL”.

Путин подготовил ядерный удар, план по уничтожению уже готов: какой город падет первым

Also earlier it was reported that to start a Third world war would be the conflict between India and Pakistan. Nuclear war could flare up in 2025, say researchers from the University of Colorado at boulder and Rutgers University.

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They note that relatively small wars that periodically break out between these countries, allowed the two to accumulate enough nuclear weapons, and that it will provoke large-scale slaughter, which will plunge the world into darkness for ten years.

Now India and Pakistan for 150 nuclear warheads, and by 2025 that number will increase to 200.

War, according to scientists, will be held in several stages, spreading to other countries, and the number of deaths in this conflict range from 50 to 125 million people.

Recall, Lukashenka met with Putin and spoke about the overthrow Zelensky.

As reported Politeka, Putin’s ally smashed to live for the war in the Donbass.

Also Politeka wrote that Skobeeva howled after the harsh statements Zelensky, Russia is hysterical.