Putin has no chance, plan to destroy the ready: what awaits Russia

У Путина нет шансов, план по уничтожению уже готов: что ждет Россию

Surfaced the details of the plan by which the US plans to destroy Russia and the Putin regime

About it in the comment journalists were told by the commander of U.S. forces in Europe and Africa Jeffrey Lee Harrigan writes Apostrophe.

According to him, the US developed a plan, the first aim of which is to overcome air defense system in Kaliningrad (Russia).

У Путина нет шансов, план по уничтожению уже готов: что ждет Россию

The commander of the U.S. air force also noted that the White house is willing “very timely” to answer the aggressive policy of Vladimir Putin in Europe.

“We are working on this scheme. We all the time think over these plans, and if ever need be, we will be ready to implement them”, — said Harrigan.

The American General refused to disclose details developed by the Pentagon’s plan to destroy Russia. But it is possible that in this case will be a comprehensive offensive, including the assault with air, land, sea, space, as well as attacks in cyberspace and electronic warfare, making the regime of Vladimir Putin will be forced to capitulate.

У Путина нет шансов, план по уничтожению уже готов: что ждет Россию

Sad prediction for Vladimir Putin also voiced former representative of the Alliance in Russia Harry Tabs. According to him, Vladimir Putin is actively preparing for a possible Palace coup in the Kremlin, and Russia in this case will cover the civil war

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He suggested that if Vladimir Putin is ousted from the Kremlin, the Russian nuclear weapons “the world will go on,” and Russia remains bogged down in civil conflict.

“I … I know for sure one thing that when Putin will not be, there will be turmoil and civil war because it got rid of all democratic institutions. To the President of Ukraine it would be easier just to get rid of all democratic institutions, because the country — war, but you were able to keep them. And Putin, even in peacetime, managed to get rid of them,” he says.

Tabs says that after Vladimir Putin will lose the power, “all these potentates will start to grab power and start fighting with each other.” This, according to former NATO representative in Russia, lies the real danger to the civilized world.

Recall Zelensky immediately appealed to Putin in the Donbas was the worst.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky said the main mistake, the mistake can be fatal.

Also Politeka wrote that surfaced the dirty secret of the team Zelensky: what journalists saw in the office of the President.