Putin has ignored the agreements with Zelensky: “Kill as you need”

Путин наплевал на договоренности с Зеленским: "Убьет, сколько нужно"

Russian President Vladimir Putin to return Ukraine under its control will go on an unlimited number of killings of Ukrainians

That opinion has been shared by the journalist Vitaly Portnikov.

Putin does not feel sorry for the Russians, the journalist said, he has his own entertainment — Crimea, motorcycles, beating protesters.

“Why does he have to be sorry for us?”, — asks he.

Vladimir Zelensky is constantly drawn to Putin’s calls to negotiate, to stop the war, stop the bloodshed — and in response to his only vysokovych, says Portnikov.

“You can certainly say that the naivety Zelensky connected with his sincere misunderstanding of the nature of political processes. But this is not true. Yes, politician should be able to take responsibility for people’s lives. But the most important is the fact that these lives he is bound to appreciate.”, — the journalist writes.

According to Portnikov, Putin would kill exactly as many Ukrainians as it will be necessary to achieve its main goal — the restoration of Russian control over Ukraine and integration of the Ukrainian lands into the Empire. And the President needs to realize it.

Путин наплевал на договоренности с Зеленским: "Убьет, сколько нужно"

“Children of voters Zelensky may be in the same graves with the children of voters Poroshenko or Boyko. And voters, too.”, -the journalist writes.

He also believes that the President of Ukraine, not to engage in peace negotiations with Putin and to organize resistance to the aggressor. To implement this, according to Portnikov, the Zelensky has it all.

“War with Russia will still be the main content of the presidential term of Vladimir Zelensky. Not because it wants Zelensky. And because this is what Putin wants.”, — he concluded.

Путин наплевал на договоренности с Зеленским: "Убьет, сколько нужно"

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Earlier, Secretary of national security Council of Ukraine Alexander danyluk said that President Vladimir Zelensky and his team have a clear plan to resolve the conflict in the Donbas.

The NSDC Secretary said that the truce is valid despite the provocation from the other side, after which killed four of our soldiers, because the statistics of attacks “the situation is very different” from what it was.

Danilyuk noted that this provocation could not leave without an answer neither Ukraine nor the countries-participants of the Normandy format, so the team of Vladimir Zelensky working meeting of leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France.

We will remind, at Zelensky told about the threats in the new Parliament.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky made a fuss in Zhitomir, surfaced the infamous footage.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky is preparing a revolution in medicine: how will now be treated the Ukrainians.