Putin has hit rock bottom and became a laughing stock: “the New Losharik”

Путин опустился на самое дно и стал посмешищем: «Новый Лошарик»

In the Internet ridiculed Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is determined to escape from the demonstrations in the capital “the bottom”

About it reports “Lentech” on Twitter.

“While in Moscow vintilovo, Grandfather descends in a submersible to the bottom of the Gulf of Finland to inspect a submarine that sank during the great Patriotic war”, — stated in the message.

Путин опустился на самое дно и стал посмешищем: «Новый Лошарик»

Note that the photo of Putin dives to the bottom for a little while, however, the users of the network and without this, hastened to make fun of the situation.

“New Losharik”, “Preparing escape routes”, “Grandfather goes to the bottom”, “Stuck to the bottom, while in Moscow the action”, “Let them remain until the end of time”, “Subs don’t always float”, “Grandfather has long been dropped. The bottom is his entourage,” they write.

As previously reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin has distinguished himself in public another blatant act. The reason for the appearance of angry comments was the visit of Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko in Konevetsky monastery.

The corresponding video, which has angered social media users in the microblog published a propagandist Dmitry Smirnov.

“I would like to present you with the image of the Konevskaya mother of God icon”: Putin and Lukashenko in Koniecka the monastery presented the icon of XIX century”, — stated in the caption to the video.

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Users infuriated by such a pathos, and they noted that Vladimir Putin ordinary atheist, which can only on the camera to cross. Other commentators stressed that such activities of the President of the Russian Federation already tired.

“The hypocrisy is astounding. Putin is a Christian same as Kadyrov — a Muslim: the kissing of icons in public and complete godlessness of life”, “all b*I, now alive,” “God’s Great plan, we Putin 20 years suffer, to each a complete and total jerk could see monsters in human form and be terrified”, “F**ing the bottom”, “vomit”, “is Not he your otmolit sins”, “Putin as the main Russian sociopath trying to give your Botox some external piety and cream from God,” they write in the comments under the post.

Путин опустился на самое дно и стал посмешищем: «Новый Лошарик»

Recall that the Ukrainian boxer forced Putin to stand under the anthem of Ukraine.

As reported Politeka, the meeting of Putin with Zelensky: in the Kremlin, flustered, “there “but” not one.”

Also Politeka wrote that Putin’s bright besieged on the G20: “strike where it hurts”, has a video.