Putin has crept to NATO, his troops “captured”: details of the scandal

Путин подкрался к НАТО, его войска «захватили»: подробности скандала

One of the NATO countries “spotted” warships of the Russian Federation right near his border

This is stated on page National armed forces of Latvia in Twitter.

“Naval forces 16 Jun identified the frigate “Admiral Kasatonov” tail number 431 class “Admiral Gorshkov” Russian Armed forces”, — is spoken in the message.

It is emphasized that the Russian ship was spotted in the exclusive economic zone, 18.5 nautical miles from the territorial waters.

As previously reported, NATO will have to declare the surrender to Vladimir Putin under certain conditions. This is stated in the study, which was conducted by the International Institute for strategic studies (IISS), which considered several possible scenarios in which NATO should oppose the Kremlin without support from the United States.

It is reported that the United States is a vital component of NATO, without which the Alliance will be forced to capitulate to Vladimir Putin.

According to one scenario, Russia occupied Lithuania and Poland, near Kaliningrad. Because Lithuania and Poland are NATO members, NATO will need a military to respond to such actions.

“But the operation called “Eastern shield” will have a problem if it will not participate the United States, because in this case NATO will not be able to quickly collect the necessary capacity and support the military,” the study says.

“For example, to successfully break the Russian tanks, the NATO forces should be composed of tank brigades and anti-personnel machine in the ratio 2:1. In the scenario of the invasion of the Baltics if US troops will not be involved in the case, if the Polish armed forces have already suffered heavy losses, the researchers note that “the rest of the European members of NATO and Canada currently have only 20 teams that meet the criterion of” estimated IISS” — continue researchers.

Путин подкрался к НАТО, его войска «захватили»: подробности скандала

We will remind, in Kiev launched a unique scout ship.

As reported Politeka, the UN Tribunal handed down the verdict to Putin: what will happen to the captured Ukrainian sailors.

Also Politeka reported that Russia opened fire in the Black sea, in the course went the artillery.