Putin has brought the Russians to handle, this happened in front of the kids: “Again, slobbering grandfather climbs”

Путин довел россиян до ручки, это случилось при детях: «Опять слюнявый дед лезет»

In the Internet ridiculed Russian President Vladimir Putin, who once again began to dismiss his hands to the children

This was announced by promoter Dmitry Smirnov in Twitter.

“Mademoiselle” Putin, a young dancer and gallantry,” reads the message.

On the published pictures show that Putin goes down on one knee and kissed the little girl’s hand. It caused a violent reaction on the part of network users.

“Again, slobbering grandfather climbs with his kisses to other people’s children”, “naked pull” to the children “cannibal” Putin. It already jars from touching children”, “it all looks disgusting”, “Young ballet dancer and a pedophile”, “the old Man kozlodoev! Then the navel is in the hand of isuro”, “climbs back to children,” “Pedophile do not care for Siberia,” they write.

As previously reported, the online network ridiculed Russian President Vladimir Putin, who decided to organize in the country a special laboratory

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Footage of recognition issued promoter Dmitry Smirnov.

“Putin on the “Sirius”: We create a unique model of education, in the full sense of meeting the high requirements of the future. But the question is much broader — the entire project should become a laboratory for creative freedom and experimentation”, — stated in the message.

Note that network users have embraced the new tales from Putin’s caustic comments.

“Let down”, “Tales of a grandfather Volodya , at least for something otpiaritsya ! What’s with the trash reform”, “the Sirius no longer pour”, “apparently everything is under control”, “Back pussy,bald freak! If education is so great,then why the fuck are the bastards of his gang their children sent to study at the “decadent” West,gay Europe? It is necessary this freak and his entire crew put in a capsule and send it to Sirius — one of the distant stars”, “Again shit is… orangefor bald. Fu. Abomination. How ashamed to have a coward President. Shame,” they write.

Путин довел россиян до ручки, это случилось при детях: «Опять слюнявый дед лезет»

We will remind, Putin “hidden” from Tarantino, adventure Director in the Kremlin blew up the network.

As reported Politeka, archival photo of Putin conquered network, shame the whole world can see.

Also Politeka wrote that discovered the “boss” of Putin and his place of residence.