Putin has broken in the eyes of colleagues, so haven’t seen him lately: “Cave Russophobia!”

Путина прорвало на глазах у соратников, таким его давно не видели: «Пещерные русофобы!»

Vladimir Putin was surprised by a sharp performance against the “oppression” of Russian language

On Tuesday, November 5, the President of Russia spoke at the meeting of the Council on the Russian language. As reported Politeka, during his speech, Putin was marked by a number of strange statements, against certain “oppression” of the Russian language (to see the video, doscroll down the page).

So, the Russian President stated the following:

“War on the Russian language declare not only “cave Russophobia” in some countries it becomes official state policy”.

Путина прорвало на глазах у соратников, таким его давно не видели: «Пещерные русофобы!»

Путина прорвало на глазах у соратников, таким его давно не видели: «Пещерные русофобы!»

Daring Kamensky flashed butt in leather pants: “*faddah just fire”

Putin believes that the Russian language are fighting, therefore, he has outlined two objectives for its conservation: to provide the Russians with sufficient knowledge and support the language abroad in informational, educational and humanitarian spheres.

Apparently, the President’s words are aimed against actions of the Ukrainian government, which adopted the law “On ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language”, and the governments of the Baltic countries who are also struggling with the transition of the population in national languages.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that the breeding of forces in the zone of operations of the combined forces in the Donbass due to a number of risks.

That opinion has been shared military commentator Mikhail Zhirokhov.

According to him, the Ukrainian army is necessary to prepare new fortifications on the site of their future positions.

Путина прорвало на глазах у соратников, таким его давно не видели: «Пещерные русофобы!»

“I’m not surprised, if during a meeting in Normandy format will be held local aggravation. It was the same in February 2015, when debaltseve is at war, and this background was the Minsk talks. Vladimir Putin believes that if it worked with Petro Poroshenko, it’ll work with the current President,” — said the expert.

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In addition, he noted that there is a great risk that breeding will be a continuation of the occupation.

“Action now hang yourself sticker JCCC — General of the center for monitoring the ceasefire. Previously, he was a Ukrainian-Russian, but in 2017 the Russians came out of him, they took the place of so-called DNR and LNR. But Ukraine does not recognize their participation in the SCCC, they all decided instead of Russian, hang the blue flag with white letters, they say, that we are in as a buffer between the parties,” concluded the expert.

We will remind, Putin snapped, the police grab people at the concert of Scorpions.

As reported Politeka, Putin harshly to embarrass words of Wikipedia, Russians in hysterics.

Also Politeka wrote that the corpse Putin’s famous General: die one after the other.