Putin harshly disgraced with the child, “Aversion to Botox”

Путин жестко опозорился с ребенком: "Отвращение к ботоксному"

Russian President Vladimir Putin disgraced in public for inappropriate behavior

The reason for the appearance of angry comments was a meeting of Vladimir Putin with a large family in Ekaterinburg.

The corresponding post on his personal microblogging published a propagandist Dmitry Smirnov, who calls himself “a journalist of the Kremlin pool”.

Путин жестко опозорился с ребенком: "Отвращение к ботоксному"

“I thought a piece of paper eat” Vladimir Vladimirovich, Vladimir small and tasty a piece of paper from the cupcake,” reads the caption to the video.

Users reacted angrily to the publication and drew attention to the inappropriate behavior of Vladimir Putin. Some commentators in this context recalled the incident when Russian President kissed the baby in the belly, and recommended a large family to stay from the head of the Kremlin away.

“But would the old boy, X*ylo him in the stomach kiss?”, “Scared? Thought nothing for you?”, “X*ylo pretends it’s normal?”, “What is garbage”, “do Not touch, aversion to Botox only,” “Oh, my goodness, how can he without his thermos come from? Or a boy Vova and his mother’s KGB work, so he is not afraid?”, “Silly is that people unfortunately did not buy. Shallow Jewish agitprop” — they are joking in the comments under the video advocate.

Путин жестко опозорился с ребенком: "Отвращение к ботоксному" Путин жестко опозорился с ребенком: "Отвращение к ботоксному"

Recall that the Ukrainian boxer forced Putin to stand under the anthem of Ukraine.

As reported Politeka, the meeting of Putin with Zelensky: in the Kremlin, flustered, “there “but” not one.”

Also Politeka wrote that Putin’s bright besieged on the G20: “strike where it hurts”, has a video.