Putin got rid of the scandalous colleague, who “gave” the Donbas: “Zelensky can…”

Путин избавился от скандального соратника, который "отдал" Донбасс: "Зеленский может..."

Vladimir Putin has decided to get rid of the “illiberal” Advisor – economist

The President of the Russian Federation has signed the decree about the dismissal of his Advisor, Sergei Glazyev. About it write the Russian mass media. The decree was published on October 9, Wednesday, but signed two days earlier – 7-th.

As you know, the eye was responsible for the integration, macroeconomics and statistics of the EAEU, becoming a member of the Board of the Eurasian economic Commission on 1 October. In rosssmi crawled the guise that the eye was an unspoken “counterweight to the liberal economists,” he opposed the ideas of the former Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin, now the last was headed by the accounting chamber.

On the eve of eyes “distinguished” attack in the direction of Ukraine – he suggested that Donald trump can put a task in front of Vladimir Zelensky “about the settlement of the Donbass” — earth region can be populated by Jews, who’re tired of fighting with the Palestinians. This opinion was expressed in his blog in the newspaper “Tomorrow” the ex-Advisor of Russian President on regional economic integration:

“I do not exclude, for example, a mass moving on a “stripped” from the Russian population of the South-East of Ukraine are tired of permanent war in the middle East the inhabitants of the promised Land, the same as running from illiteracy Christians of Europe”, – he wrote.

Путин избавился от скандального соратника, который "отдал" Донбасс: "Зеленский может..."

We will remind also that recently the President of the Russian Federation 67 years old. The Kremlin media have listed a list of all those who congratulated him. Among congratulated leaders of Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, also, it should be noted not be as long, if not a very short list congratulated Vladimir Putin joined the following politicians and senior officials:

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, the current President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, President of Serbia Alexander Vucic, the President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach and President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

Judging by the list of well-wishers of the Russian President President Vladimir Zelensky no relation to greetings does not have his name in the list.

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Путин избавился от скандального соратника, который "отдал" Донбасс: "Зеленский может..."

Recall also, as you know, July 27 Moscow engulfed large-scale protest rally is not passed peacefully, were arrested and beaten hundreds of people. A riot in Moscow escalated into a massacre. In the heart of the Russian capital hosted a large-scale protest, demanding registration of independent candidates in the elections to the Moscow city Duma. So to city hall on Tverskaya street sent police officers who started to detain protesters. Total for the day, Russian security forces detained near the Moscow city hall more than 500 people. People smash face in blood, beaten in the street. During the same meeting in the capital of the Russian Federation the President of the country stayed in a submersible — he came to the bottom of the Gulf of Finland.

The network is rolling a huge wave of indignation in connection with demonstration act of Vladimir Putin, they say, stayed while in the heart of Russia to create a real hell. Note that the Russian President did not even bother to comment on the harsh crackdown of protesters in Moscow:

“While in Moscow to protest against the arbitrariness of election commissions hundreds of detained demonstrators, 66-year-old pensioner got into the bathyscaphe and dived to the bottom,” wrote a user Alexey Koshcheev Twitter.

Thus we can say that in Russia has ripened and implemented large-scale protests against the current government – the Russians increasingly began to Express their decisive “no” to tyranny of the Kremlin and of President Vladimir Putin in particular.

Recall that the Ukrainian boxer forced Putin to stand under the anthem of Ukraine.

As reported Politeka, the meeting of Putin with Zelensky: in the Kremlin, flustered, “there “but” not one.”

Also Politeka wrote that Putin’s bright besieged on the G20: “strike where it hurts”, has a video.