Putin got embarrassed in front of the Pope: “D*beat from the street”

Путин дико оконфузился перед Папой Римским: "Д*бил с подворотни"

Russian President Vladimir Putin to embarrass in public

The reason for the appearance of a caustic review was the visit of Vladimir Putin to Rome, where he met with the Pope

The relevant publication in his personal microblogging issued ordinary propagandist Dmitry Smirnov, who continues to call himself a journalist of the Kremlin pool.

Путин дико оконфузился перед Папой Римским: "Д*бил с подворотни"

“Putin: the Pope said that one of the books that is always on his table, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. He said, “I tell my priests that without the books of Dostoevsky, without having to comprehend the depth of his philosophy, you cannot be a real priest.” This says a lot”, — says the publication.

Users reacted ambiguously to the post and Smirnov noted that it is not Vladimir Putin to philosophize about the books, because he is an ordinary “Gopnik gateway of St. Petersburg”.

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“I told Dad that the murderer Putin is neither Dostoevsky, nor Tolstoy is irrelevant” “your Dad’s a moron with a gate cultural pinned. Dostoevsky described the future brown and red devils. Putin revived fascism with a red bias. But Morons do not grasp”, “Yes..another “breakthrough” of Russia..as much easier to live with as it was!!”, “It is interesting that more like “Idiot” or “Crime and punishment” — they are joking in the comments under the post of a propagandist.

Путин дико оконфузился перед Папой Римским: "Д*бил с подворотни" Путин дико оконфузился перед Папой Римским: "Д*бил с подворотни"

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