Putin gave the gas a crushing slap in the face, “punish all”: the first details

Путину отвесили сокрушительную газовую оплеуху, "накажут всех": первые подробности

In the near future, Russian President Vladimir Putin will feel a powerful “gas” blow

This writes the news Agency Bloomberg.

It is reported that the U.S. Senate Committee responsible for foreign Affairs, has prepared a draft law on the introduction of sanctions against the Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”, which likes to boast about Vladimir Putin.

Путину отвесили сокрушительную газовую оплеуху, "накажут всех": первые подробности

According to available information, a measure to increase pressure on the Kremlin official and one of its most important export products was developed by the Texas Republican Ted Cruz and Democrat from new Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen

In particular, the sanctions will be sent to the court, paving the pipeline. Washington intends to deny visas to executives of companies associated with these vessels.

Also, the initiators propose to impose sanctions against anyone who provides financial or technical support and also provides the insurance of such ships.

“The gas pipeline has divided the European Union and countries led by Poland, are concerned that the Russian “Gazprom” will tighten control over the region, if the new pipeline will be launched,” — said in the message.

As you know, Vladimir Putin is trying as quickly as possible to finish the construction “Nord stream-2”, to start the flow of gas to the EU bypassing Ukraine. The cost of the entire facility is about 9.5 billion euros.

Путину отвесили сокрушительную газовую оплеуху, "накажут всех": первые подробности

Previously, we reported that entered into force EU gas Directive, which hurt Vladimir Putin. From now on, Vladimir Putin can only use 50% of the capacity of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”, which the Kremlin actively blackmailing Ukraine and Europe.

Under the new gas Directive now new pipelines from third countries to the EU in the territorial seas of the EU member States will have to conform to certain rules, which were previously spread on the ground pipe.

We will remind, the issuance of passports of the Russian Federation in the Donbas: Tsymbalyuk called the main mistake Putin.

As reported Politeka, sparring Zelensky and Putin moves into a new phase.

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