“Putin gave me!”: Argentine “girlfriend” gave a dirty secret Kremlin dictator

"Путин подарил мне!": Аргентинская "подружка" выдала грязную тайну кремлевского диктатора

The Villa of the former President of Argentina Cristina Kirchner searched and found the unique historical documents stolen in the seventies

This writes the Crimea.realities.

The politician is justified, he gave it to her, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

During the search, which took place in the investigation of cases of corruption, out of the house withdrew 94 boxes of documents. One of them found the letter the national hero of Argentina, Jose de San Martin, written in 1835, and a notebook of the President of Argentina 1916-1922 and 1928-1930 years hipólito Yrigoyen.

Both of these documents were stolen in the last century. The letter was stolen in 1976, and the address book — in 1979.

The judge said that even if Kirchner did not know about the illegal origin of the documents she could not understand their national and historical value and was obliged to transfer to the state.

Itself the former President claimed that he received the documents as a gift from Russian President Vladimir Putin. In her book she described how it happened during her visit to Moscow in March 2015.

"Путин подарил мне!": Аргентинская "подружка" выдала грязную тайну кремлевского диктатора

Says Kirchner, during her visit to Russia Putin said at the time “suspended” the passage of the delegation and “asked one of his employees, who were holding the box to come up.”

“To the surprise of me and my interpreter, he told me: “This is for you, Madam President.” When I opened the box and saw the original letter to San Martin, O ‘ Higgins, I almost died!” recalls Kirchner in the book. To her question, where did this document, Putin reportedly replied that he was specially purchased in new York.

Cristina Kirchner has led Argentina since 2007 till 2015. For a long time it was considered “the new country”. In 2010, Cristina fernández de Kirchner, was in fourth place in the Time magazine list of the ten best women leaders of the world.

"Путин подарил мне!": Аргентинская "подружка" выдала грязную тайну кремлевского диктатора

Now she is accused of corruption and criminal conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Myself, Cristina Kirchner, not so long ago declared about the decision to run for Vice President of Argentina in elections this year, has consistently rejected the accusations and claims that all the criminal cases and the courts above it organized its opponents inside the country and abroad, to thwart its election campaign.

We will remind, Putin went on a new crime, this is not to hide details and footage of the incident.

As reported Politeka, Putin has disgraced the whole of Europe.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin’s message had an emergency.