Putin gave a powerful gas slap: details of crushing blow

Путину отвесили мощную газовую пощечину: детали сокрушительного удара

Russian President Vladimir Putin received a new “gas blow”

This is stated in the published in the official journal of the European Union document, reports the observer.

It is reported that the new gas regulation came into force from today.

Путину отвесили мощную газовую пощечину: детали сокрушительного удара

From now on, Vladimir Putin can only use 50% of the capacity of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”, which the Kremlin actively blackmailing Ukraine and Europe.

Under the new gas Directive now new pipelines from third countries to the EU in the territorial seas of the EU member States will have to conform to certain rules, which were previously spread on the ground pipe.

You can also cancel the following innovations: half the power tubes should be left to independent companies; by the operator of the Putin project should not be associated with Gazprom Nord Stream AG 2, and the independent company; Germany will have the right to restrict the actions of the Directive by agreement with the European Commission.

Путину отвесили мощную газовую пощечину: детали сокрушительного удара

The second rule can lead to the fact that, with a design capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year, to use Putin’s pipeline will be only half. However, for the “Nord stream-2” can approve exceptions. And their consent must give the country which first adopts the “blue fuel”, that is Germany.

Coordinating his decision with the European Commission, Berlin may provide for the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. After adoption of the Directive in the official, the Kremlin said that the gas pipeline “Nord stream 2” will be built in time, despite the new rules.

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