Putin gave 200 billion on a new “toy” in the Crimea: all the details

Путин дал 200 млрд рублей на новую "игрушку" в Крыму: все подробности

The President of Russia continues to give money for “socio-economic” development of the occupied Crimea

In Russia found 200 billion roubles to the occupied Crimea. The occupants had already figured out where to spend the money. In Sevastopol want to build another bridge — this time through the Sevastopol Bay and Rokada.

Vladimir Putin before the tourist season is instructed to increase the number of subsidized tickets to occupied Simferopol. The occupiers intend to build a southern highway bypass of Simferopol.

Путин дал 200 млрд рублей на новую "игрушку" в Крыму: все подробности

Funds for this government has allocated through the Federal target program socially-economic development of the annexed Crimea and Sevastopol until 2025. Meanwhile, Putin said that the Crimean bridge needs to let the train this year. He calls it another opportunity to “evolve”.

The builders claim that almost half of the tracks on train of a vehicle moving from Russia to the annexed Crimea is ready.

But because of the construction quality of the Azov sea and the water in it has worsened. This was announced by the candidate of geological-mineralogical Sciences, independent scholar Yuri Medovar. The construction of the bridge has deteriorated the water exchange that may cause the extinction of endangered dolphins in the sea of Azov.

Путин дал 200 млрд рублей на новую "игрушку" в Крыму: все подробности

“There can be a swamp. If the process continues, and the sediment will increase, respectively, the depth of the Strait is decreasing, large vessels shall not enter, and the whole ecosystem will be ruined. Can clean the fairway, but that’s one thing, but is there still a Bank, but already there is algae began to grow, began the decay of the water, changing the composition. Some problems”, — concluded Medovar.

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