Putin Donbass took up with renewed vigor, Zelensky in an unenviable position: “I’ll have to admit…”

Путин взялся за Донбасс с новой силой, Зеленский в незавидном положении: "придется признавать..."

Emmanuel macron and Vladimir Putin discussed the Ukrainian issue and come to a consensus

The decision of the presidents of France and Russia, said political analyst Viktor Ruzhyn.

“So the presidency has dispelled rumors about Zelensky attempt to negotiate with Russia on other conditions, indicating that alternatives to Minsk, and the meeting in the “Norman format” will be the result of the compliancy of Kiev on the issue of “special status of Donbass”. If President Vladimir Zelensky and was there any peace plan in the Donbass (although, judging by recent interviews of his team, rather, they weren’t there), the indecision of the Ukrainian leader, it seems, closes the window of opportunity for their realization., he says.

According to him, between Putin’s words made it clear to Him that to meet in “Norman format” is possible only when there will be progress in the implementation of previous agreements.

“In 2016 we went to a lot of compromise, when in fact altered the implementation of the law on the special status of Donbass. Then former President Poroshenko insisted that it was changed, and the current President and then Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Steinmeier made a compromise proposal. We agreed with this, went to this compromise,” — said Putin Macron.

Путин взялся за Донбасс с новой силой, Зеленский в незавидном положении: "придется признавать..."

According to Putin, the compromise consisted in the fact that special status has been implemented on a temporary basis on the day of voting in the local elections in Ukraine, and on an ongoing basis — after the counting and certification of elections by the OSCE structures.

And now, according to the analyst, Putin wants this mechanism was once elegant in practice. “The same applies to other issues, for example, the issue of Amnesty. There are a number of issues about which we must negotiate,” — said Putin.

According to the scientist, nothing new, Putin didn’t say Russia insists on these aspects for a long time. But interestingly, now Emmanuel macron actually supported the skepticism of Putin. Publicly, the French President repeated after his Russian counterpart that no pieces that would guarantee the decision-making and progress by meeting in the “Normandy format” is meaningless.

“We need to hold a summit “channel four” on the condition that concrete results will be achieved, we don’t need an appointment for a meeting,” said macron.

No requirements for Russia Makron are not nominated, from which we can conclude that the French and Russian presidents handed the ball on the field of Vladimir Zelensky and waiting to step out of the Ukraine. We understand that the special status and Amnesty. Both in the administration Zelensky do not support.

According to the political scientist, the meeting of Putin and Macron by and large puts Zelensky to a standstill.

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Previously, future MP from “public Servants” Elizabeth Bogutskaya has stated that Putin has gained favor of Macron, but Zelensky has started her own game.

She believes that the Russian President hinted aloud that friendship has not disappeared, and France is a strategic partner of Russia, and quoting Putin: “In Russia today employs more than 500 French large enterprises, which bring substantial income to the Treasury of France, because that is where the manufactured part of the product that arrives on the Russian market. Accordingly, it is jobs, taxes to the budget of France…”.

Путин взялся за Донбасс с новой силой, Зеленский в незавидном положении: "придется признавать..."

Previously, the analyst Sergei Gaidai said that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is necessary to solve many problems in Ukraine, which many Russians still think plantation for Russia.

According to Sergei Gaidai before Zelensky is a very difficult task. Because the President has to understand that Ukraine is still not established as a state. Cut a piece of the Soviet Union in which the Soviet Railways, Soviet cities.

As well as Soviet region, divided by the Soviet leadership, as it was convenient to divide the region, there took drew on a map of the area, according to district committees. Which just then was working for Moscow, and now works for a narrow class, which it sees as a plantation.

We will remind, Zelensky made a surprise offer to Putin.

As reported Politeka team Zelensky is preparing a “leap” that will forever change isnurance details.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky started a mass cleaning.