Putin did not restrain himself and gave Zelensky spacing after the news of the marathon: the scandalous speech

Путин не сдержался и устроил Зеленскому разнос после пресс-марафона: скандальная речь

The head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin believes that his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky will not be able to ensure that the divorce of forces and military equipment in the Donbass

He came to this conclusion because he believes that the nationalists simply will not allow this to be done. This opinion was voiced at the Council of leaders of CIS countries in Ashgabat, the Turkmen.

This statement was made after three days, when the “LDNR” allowed white flares about the readiness for breeding.

However, these days the headquarters of the OOS reported attacks by “LDNR”. But today representatives of the “DNR” in SCCC accused Ukraine of disrupting the breeding forces in the Donbas for the third time. According to them, “DNR” will no longer carry out actions on the process of diversion of their forces to the meeting of the contact group in Minsk.

“That’s what we are now seeing? Agreed divorce of forces, but does the current President could not provide the divorce combat units and equipment. Well, can’t. Drove up there the nationalist military units and just publicly stated: if the army goes with this position — that’s where we stand. The army does not go”, — Putin said and recalled that the representatives of “LNR”, “DNR” twice or thrice already given the signal that they are ready.

Путин не сдержался и устроил Зеленскому разнос после пресс-марафона: скандальная речь

And Ukraine allegedly did not respond.

“But they need the political will. So to support do not specific people and policies,” said Putin.

As you know, Zelensky at a press marathon said that 99 % of Ukrainians support the breeding of forces in the Donbas.

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Ukrainian nationalist, head of the “national body” and the veteran”resident of Azov” Andrey Biletsky appealed to the President on account of these data.

Путин не сдержался и устроил Зеленскому разнос после пресс-марафона: скандальная речь

“…Like watching “60 minutes” with Olga Skobeeva. Presiento often have to rely on real data – we have intelligence, there are veterans… And the 99 percent “for” resemble the informative efforts of the Pro-Kremlin pool”.

Recall Zelensky immediately appealed to Putin in the Donbas was the worst.

As reported Politeka, Putin has no chance, the plan for the destruction is ready.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin is preparing a new invasion.