Putin cynically got rid of the shaman: the scandal a new twist, “made…”

Путин цинично избавился от шамана: в скандале новый поворот, "заставили..."

The scandal with the Yakut shaman Alexander by Gabysheva that promised to “banish Putin” continued

This writes the Russian edition of the MBH-Media.

It is reported that after the detention of Alexander Gabyshev has withdrawn the agreement on “voluntary examination in the mental hospital”.

Путин цинично избавился от шамана: в скандале новый поворот, "заставили..."

Moreover, according to Russian journalists, a Yakut shaman returned home. This information was confirmed by the coordinator of the “Advocacy Cards” Alexey Pryanishnikov

According to him, the security forces forced the Yakut shaman TM Alexander, who went to Moscow for “the expulsion of Vladimir Putin”, the agreement on “voluntary examination in the mental hospital”.

“Together with lawyers “Advocacy Cards” Gabyshev returned home. Secret convoy, who claimed that the guards of the shaman “for his own safety”, is removed. It also became known yesterday that the investigators have time to conduct outpatient psychological and psychiatric examination. Results will be next week”, — said the defender.

Путин цинично избавился от шамана: в скандале новый поворот, "заставили..."

Previously we reported that the Russian shaman Alexander Gabyshev, who began his journey from Yakutsk to Moscow four months ago. He believes Russian President Vladimir Putin “generated by the dark forces, which the strength to cope only to the shaman”. Video sermons shaman got over a million views. Meetings with the participation of TM in the TRANS-Baikal and Buryatia gathered several hundred people.

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19 September, it was reported that Russian security forces conducted a special operation, which resulted in Buryatia was detained shaman Alexander Gabyshev. Law enforcement authorities accused him of committing a crime on the territory of Yakutia, where he promised to send on the plane.

Later it was reported that TM want to send for a psychiatric evaluation after security forces brought to the shaman in the case of public calls for extremist activity (part 1 of article 280 of the criminal code). Also, he chose a measure of restraint in the form of recognizance not to leave

Recall Zelensky call Putin, which the Kremlin did not expect.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky has told how he wanted to steal a batch of “public Servant”.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky is prepared to reduce taxes Ukrainian, voiced terms.