Putin caught in new crimes in the Crimea: the alarm was sounded even in the US, “it is very dangerous”

Путина поймали на новых преступлениях в Крыму: тревогу забили даже в США, «это очень опасно»

Russia systematically uses the technologies of the disorientation of a satellite navigation system GPS in the occupied Crimea and the Black sea

This is stated in a new report by the American NGO C4ADS. It is noted that fixed about 10 thousand cases of the use of such effects, starting from 2016.

As the experts found out that the ships that took place in or near waters of Russia, saw its location at the airport near the region where they were located. Cases of disorientation GPS happened in the Black sea and in the Pacific near Vladivostok and Murmansk in Northern Russia from St. Petersburg and in Moscow.

Путина поймали на новых преступлениях в Крыму: тревогу забили даже в США, «это очень опасно»

Also found out that disorientation occurred almost exclusively in regions where there was a secret or some secret private residences that could be associated with very important persons in the government of Russia, or attended by very important persons of the Russian government.

“Disorientation can be dangerous and there were experiments that have shown that you can very slightly change the ship’s course, or machines and to send them where there is a desire, for example, in the territorial waters of another country to create an international incident, or perhaps to seize the cargo or persons on Board”, – said the President of the Fund for the protection of navigation Dane Howard.

According to him, thus Russia is violating international norms.

Also earlier it was reported that Russia accused the preparation of a new plan to take over Ukraine. A huge group of the Russian troops seen near the sea of Azov. This was announced by the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak.

“The situation remains difficult. Grouping of troops, which is on the border with Ukraine, the threat to Ukraine. 28 battalions of tactical groups, huge group in the area of the Azov sea, the capabilities are enhanced during the occupation of the Crimea in certain areas 10 times are dangerous,” — said the head of the defense Ministry in an interview to “Direct”

He stressed that the Ukrainian intelligence is constantly monitors the situation. According to Poltorak, Russia still hopes to capture Ukraine. With that goal of Putin’s military “experience” APU at the front

Путина поймали на новых преступлениях в Крыму: тревогу забили даже в США, «это очень опасно»

Recall that the Ukrainian military in OOS destroyed the next traitor of Ukraine.

It was also reported that APU received the latest weapons.

Even Politeka wrote that mercenaries from Russia, while in Syria, buy my women.