Putin broke his nose, had revealed details of a shame what happened

Путину сломали нос, вскрылись детали позора: что произошло

Vladimir Putin has told how he suffered a serious injury during training

For anybody not a secret that the Russian President loves to brag about his love for martial arts. During his meeting with the boxers at the exhibition “Modern sport. Innovations and prospects”, he told me about his own experience of Boxing.

According to the Russian President, initially he did Boxing, but one of the training sessions he broke his nose, after which he decided to quit the sport.

“Because I have the first sport I did was Boxing. I broke my nose. And as a result everything stopped rather quickly. The doctor did not go. A very long time all together. The time has gone, and then I switched to another sport,” said Putin.

Путину сломали нос, вскрылись детали позора: что произошло

Previously, we wrote about the fact that press marathon on October 10, President Vladimir Zelensky expressed confidence that Russia is also tired of the conflict in the Donbass, therefore, to solve the issue in its interests.

“I think that the Russian side also fatigued from this process. If before there was the idea that Ukraine would give up part of its territory, now there is no such thoughts,” said Vladimir Zelensky.

In his opinion, has changed the mood and the idea of Ukraine in Russia, and this contributed to his popularity as a politician and as a representative of show business, a man with liberal views.

“Earlier there was such information policy that we’re Nazis, that we want to deprive the right to speak in Russian. Now in Russia a large percentage of people understand (they know me not as a politician but as a famous person) what’s wrong with me this story is not working. And they understand what my liberal views in this regard”, — said the President.

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Путину сломали нос, вскрылись детали позора: что произошло

He believes that the dialogue with Russia in the format of Normandy possible. Zelensky believes that the previous government did not seek to end the war, whereas for his team is a priority.

We will remind, Putin received a hard blow from Zelensky, Russia is hysterical.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky have warned of the danger, Putin will strike.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky in one fell swoop beat Putin and Lukashenko, this has not happened.