Putin attacked Zelensky, but got the answer: “the Russians voted for anonymous”

Путин набросился на Зеленского, но получил в ответ: "Россияне проголосовали за анонима"

Between the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and President of Russia Vladimir Putin there is a big difference

During a speech at the plenary session of St Petersburg international economic forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin said about the new Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky: “He’s a good actor, but it is one thing for someone to play with, and another to be someone.”

Vitaly Portnikov not agree with the words of the Russian President and explained the difference between Vladimir Zelensky and Vladimir Putin, reports Radio Liberty.

While the political analyst stressed that Zelensky prior to his election as President was an actor, while Putin had nothing at all.

Vitaly Portnikov explained the difference between the current presidents of Ukraine and Russia. Vladimir Zelensky was really an actor before he was elected head of state, but because Vladimir Putin had nothing at all. In fact, in 2000, the population of Russia was elected President of the anonymous — about it nobody knew anything.

Путин набросился на Зеленского, но получил в ответ: "Россияне проголосовали за анонима"

Putin went through all the career steps in just a few months — in terms of nomenclature leapfrog, clan fighting and clashes of the Russian oligarchs. His party “Unity” — it was then headed by the future Minister of defense Sergei Shoigu — was created by Boris Berezovsky in just a few months, it included a little-known politicians, athletes and public figures. But even these people were much, just much more well known than Putin.

The expert said that today the master of the Kremlin is surprised that the Ukrainians chose a President actor. But do not forget that Vladimir Zelensky for many years has always been in the eyes of his countrymen, or rather his characters, including the President Goloborodko. Many critics Zelensky emphasize that the Ukrainians have just voted for the cinematic image. But the Russians in 2000, voted for anonymous, owned by the oligarchs favored by the TV channels, which they suggested Boris Yeltsin.

Путин набросился на Зеленского, но получил в ответ: "Россияне проголосовали за анонима"

“Vladimir Zelensky was, and still is in the eyes of his countrymen — and of their supporters, and their opponents. He’s simply no other way but to be seen. Any attempt to avoid public criticism and the new President will have to begin a serious dialogue with society”, — said Vitaly Portnikov.

At the same time, the expert noted that Vladimir Putin in these two decades has destroyed any possibility for such a dialogue. It appears only at the carefully prepared events. He has almost no public opponents. He never met for political debate. His power is completely controlled by the Russian television broadcast and selected to total control over the Internet. His propaganda can justify any mistake, and to give victory and success, even a crime.

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As reported Politeka, Zelensky staged a reshuffle at the top positions.

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