Putin and Kim Jong UN is targeting single island: first details

Путин и Ким Чен Ын нацелились на один остров: первые подробности

The leaders of Russia and the DPRK have chosen the island near the Russian city of Vladivostok

On the island of Russian will take place the meeting of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong UN.

The event will take place April 25 at the campus of the far Eastern Federal University. The heads of state will discuss the issues of nuclear disarmament and bilateral cooperation.

Путин и Ким Чен Ын нацелились на один остров: первые подробности

Kim Jong-UN will arrive to Vladivostok on the train. It is reported that the evening after the negotiations it is waiting for a “cultural program”. The details were not disclosed.

Russian media write that the receiving party had to redo the gate of the railway station of Vladivostok to the territory could travel the limousine of the head of North Korea. The limousine will also be arriving on the train.

As previously reported, Vladimir Putin has become a laughing stock in the international arena. The reason for the appearances of the caustic comments was that Putin decided not to invite to the event, timed to coincide with the date of the start of world war II.

About this Twitter wrote the propagandist Dmitry Smirnov. “The Deputy head of the office of the President of Poland — why Vladimir Putin was not invited to the event in honor of the beginning of world war II: “We do not go the historical way, we invite all States, as, for example, was not invited to Japan” Yes, it’s Japan put 600 thousand soldiers to set you free,” he writes in the microblog.

Users with humor reacted to the publication and noted that Vladimir Putin is a duplicitous scoundrel, because trying to twist the story in favor of the Kremlin.

Путин и Ким Чен Ын нацелились на один остров: первые подробности

“Are you a moron? The Soviet Union began the war against Poland on 17 September 1939. You want to be the aggressor was invited to the memorial day? Are you crazy?”, “I remind you that the USSR was an ally of Nazi Germany until 1941. It was the Soviet Union signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact prowess in the rear of Poland fought with Germany , and then divided Poland with Germany . Remind you about Katyn. You two-faced bastard Smirnov,as your President,” “the Cotton head” — they write in the comments

We will remind, Putin went on a new crime, this is not to hide details and footage of the incident.

As reported Politeka, Putin has disgraced the whole of Europe: “Be the dictator that you always wanted to be.”

Also Politeka wrote that Putin’s message had an emergency: “Mummy got a fright”.