Putin accidentally told the truth about the elimination Zakharchenko: “he was eliminated.”

Коллега Путина случайно выдал правду о ликвидации Захарченко: «Его устранили…»

In Internet hype because of the former leader of terrorists on the elimination of militants Alexander Zakharchenko

This was reported by the journalist Denis Kazansky in Twitter.

“Girkin said that the former head of “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko was killed by decision from Moscow. In his new interview, he stressed that it does not consider the official Russian version of the killing Zakharchenko, according to which he was eliminated by Ukrainian special services”, — stated in the message.

Note that netizens have interpreted the words of Zaharchenko storm of emotions, talking about the comments under the post.

“I don’t understand why he’s still alive?”, “Fuuu, finally”, “How unexpected! Sensation. Refund*”, “long Igor pickles burst left”, “Soon the specialists of the FSB after him will come” “Igor, hand over all still alive, and no one doubted that the real fascists sit in the Kremlin,” they write.

As previously reported, in the occupied Donetsk will be a new monument – “the misery that will disfigure unfortunate city”. In the capital of the unrecognized “Republic” want to install a bronze monument to the leader “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko, who was eliminated on 31 August 2018.

A photo of “misery” boasted the news media “of the Republic”, making the announcement: “coming Soon in Donetsk”. Ukrainians, seeing that immortalized in bronze, ridiculed “sculptors” of the monument.

“In Donetsk, going to erect a monument Zakharchenko. Soon this misery will be to mutilate the unfortunate city, which Zakharchenko and others like him, deprived of the future and any prospects,” he wrote on Twitter Ukrainian journalist, blogger Denis Kazan.

Network users are unable to pass such “meaningful” events and spoke about the monument.

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“Donechchina, RUB the monument to the forehead, fortunately,” wrote one Internet user. He answered: “Cf.*ka from PDSR*nikov Shine will…”.

“A neighbor of mine, Bonsu, very similar, Yes, let’s have put a monument “Three heroes” — a male, Givi and Motorola. The male to the pub, Givi in the office, and Motorola in the Elevator. Triptych”, “Like Bandera”, “From*BHA made”, “It will be a bomb, it will be a blast”, “There’s sort of a monument to Pushkin disappeared in Donetsk… probably melted down in the male… and put on the same pedestal… the sign will not change… still nobody reads them, and Zahara, and so all know”, “Well it does not matter how many monuments to Lenin was a nonentity and should”, “Will the birds who OBS*army…”, “Oh my God!.. kuroschip in bronze”, – walked through the monument Internet commentators.

Коллега Путина случайно выдал правду о ликвидации Захарченко: «Его устранили…»

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