Put behind the wheel of the boat: 3-year-old child drowned because of the antics of the parents

Посадили за руль лодки: 3-летний ребенок утонул из-за шалости родителей

In Yakutia, a drowned three-year-old while riding on a motor boat. About it reports the Russian edition life.ru.

Intoxicated parents sat the three year old child to operate a motor boat while riding on the Kolyma. On vacation, the boy was with his parents and their friends. In the evening parents, being in an alcohol intoxication, put the child behind the wheel of a motor boat and went to ride.

While walking the boat capsized, resulting in all the passengers were in the water. Adults were able to get to shore and were not injured. But the child could not be found.

Rescuers find the body of a child. Law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case under article “Causing death on imprudence”.

For children near the pond you need to watch more closely, because this is an extremely dangerous place. The other day in Nikolaev the girl drowned in the eyes of the parents.

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