Puppets, humor and smart About

interpretes-comedie-musicale-avenue-q(Trois-Rivieres) far Productions 42nd Street were mostly presented classics have long held the poster. They now offer a slightly more recent production certainly well known to lovers of musicals but perhaps less the general public. This is Avenue Q.

Here is a production that stands out from other achievements offered by trifluvienne troupe in more ways than one. This is a frank comedy that contains a very current about different social and personal issues presented by … shameless puppets.

To locate more precisely, we should say this musical creators of the famous series South Park cartoons. Those who know then understand this remark as the director of the adaptation trifluvienne William Levesque felt the need to formulate: “This comedy is perhaps likely to widen our audience but I still want to clarify that this is not recommended for children 12 and under. ”

In translating text, trifluvienne team declined to translate all sacred oaths in Quebec. By cons, there are gestures, remarks, allusions and phrases that are not suitable for young children.

It will not be concluded as long as the productions of 42nd Street Rock in a facility to which they were previously denied. “For sure it’s the funniest generation we’ve assembled and this is his first appeal but has a very concrete about sobering and goes much further than what we saw in our previous productions. This is perhaps the advantage of working with puppets: one can afford to say many more things. The purpose is extremely intelligent and of great relevance: it talks about homophobia, racism, pornography, relationships with a so precise and true that it has deeply challenged us the first time we have view in New York where she has been a big success since its release in 2003. ”

“When we created Les Productions 42nd Street, recalls William Levesque was to allow people to see in Trois-Rivieres Broadway productions. This fits perfectly within this mandate because the people here never would have the chance to see outside New York. ”

If that ensures the staging, the role of William Levesque has expanded considerably with this production since it is also the creator of puppets. “It’s been several months I’m working on it since the first sketch on paper until the last seam. That’s a lot of work because I needed not only manufacture but make sure they are easy to handle, strong and beautiful. ”

The distribution will include eleven actors but more puppets since some interpreters will handle several at a piece that is characterized by the proliferation of short scenes. “In fact, the songs are lasting an average of about three minutes, which is within normal standards, but unlike productions like Les Miserables, for example, no longer a theatrical scenes ten minutes. It’s very dynamic but full of little details that made the setting complicated scene. Following our first rehearsal, I am reassured and very satisfied. ”

Interpreters had to add the manipulation of puppets to their usual arsenal. “Yes, it was new for everyone. It is not easy to not only learn the songs but also synchronize the mouth movements of the puppets but I am very impressed with the results. The puppets can have different expressions: these are the actors who have them. We forget immediately the actors behind the puppets but at the same time, it is they who express different emotions. It works great. ”

Avenue Q will be presented five times in two weeks: 8, 9, 10, 16 and 17 July. One can get more information through the site www.enspectacle.ca.

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