Pumping water on Anticosti Island: Couillard says under contract

1223196The Prime Minister Philippe Couillard allowed to see his resignation before pumping a large amount of water to conduct oil exploration drilling on Anticosti Island.

The newspaper “Le Devoir” said Monday that 30 million liters of water Anticosti rivers should be pumped to conduct three fracturing drilling in the oil project on the island. This water will be drawn from rivers endangered salmon. The water will then be processed and will be released into the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Asked about this on Tuesday, when he gave a press conference with the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Montreal, the Prime Minister Couillard spoke bluntly of “unfortunate contract” in reference to it.

He then suggested that his hands were tied by the contract with the company, signed by the previous PQ government.

“The contract being what it is, one must follow the – that’s what we do. That does not mean that one is happy with what happens on Anticosti Island and we do not want to protect – and we will do so – this unique ecosystem, “said the Prime Minister Couillard.

It is allowed to scratch the passage of the candidates for the leadership of the Parti Québécois who on Monday in their statement at the official start of the leadership race, had distanced themselves facing this project yet concluded under the old PQ government of Pauline Marois.

“What I mostly saw yesterday (Monday), there are four government ministers who signed the contract unfortunate rushing to disassociate. I found it quite special, “commented Mr. Couillard.

It refers to candidate Jean-François Lisée, Véronique Hivon, Martine Ouellet and Alexandre Cloutier, who criticized the project of oil on Anticosti Island.

Tuesday, Mr. Lisée argued that the contract was signed in good faith at the time when oil prices were higher and did expect a cash inflow for the treasury. He claimed to have changed their minds.

This is the Petrolia company first wants to explore and possibly exploit, if this is interesting, feasible and cost effective, hydrocarbons on Anticosti Island.

In this context, in mid-June, four certificates of approval had been issued to Anticosti Oil, a joint venture with the Government of Quebec is a partner with Petrolia.

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