“Pumped money and gutted” is revealing a new Scam NBU, scandalous details

«Накачали деньгами и выпотрошили»: раскрыта новая афера НБУ, скандальные подробности

The national Bank gave substantial loans “Misto Bank”, belonging to the people’s Deputy Ivan Fursin

This drew the attention of the journalist Alexander Dubinsky.

“Meanwhile, the banking market implemented a new scheme of theft of money. The national Bank issued refinancing “Misto Bank” of MP Fursin” — he wrote.

As it became known, in the first quarter of this year the Bank’s assets increased from 1.46 to 1.71 billion UAH, but funds opposite has dropped from 125 to 76 million. Asset growth was driven by investments in the Central Bank, which increased from 90 to 415 million. At the same time, customer deposits of the Bank decreased from 1 031 to 953 million UAH.

Funds of banks increased from 190 to 446 million UAH. Primarily due to the REPO operations, which suggests the idea of “inflating” the balance at the reporting date, which could be used and loans from the national Bank.

«Накачали деньгами и выпотрошили»: раскрыта новая афера НБУ, скандальные подробности

In the first quarter of 2019 debt “Misto Bank” by refinancing loans from the NBU grew by UAH 12.8 million.

Dubinsky emphasizes that “Misto Bank” have gone bankrupt long ago and systematically does not fulfill the requirements for capitalization.

“But Smoliy, apparently, wants to repeat the trick Rozhkova from “platinum Bank” — which is also first pumped money NBU, and then gutted,” suggests the journalist.

The main owner of “Misto Bank” is people’s Deputy group “people’s Will” Ivan Fursin. He is known as the business partner of oligarch Dmitry Firtash and former head of the presidential administration of Yanukovych Sergey Levochkin.

«Накачали деньгами и выпотрошили»: раскрыта новая афера НБУ, скандальные подробности

It is known that the Deputy prefers to keep their savings in cash. As of 1 January 2019 he owned was in cash 2 100 193 $ 812 112 and EUR 1 520 000. At the same time in their own “Misto Bank” Fursin kept only 68 272 hryvnias, 8 $ 695 and 173 euros.

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