Pugacheva is coming with a concert to Ukraine, tickets are already on sale for the first time in 13 years

Пугачева едет с концертом в Украину, билеты уже в продаже: впервые за 13 лет

The Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva is going to visit Ukraine with a concert

At least that’s the rumor began to spread in the network. Their reason was the festival organized by the Latvian artist and best friend Alla Laima Vaikule in Odessa in August this year.

The fact that the sites that distribute the tickets, says that the scientist will bring the “mystery guests” that only reveal on the day of the concert.

Amid these rumors in social networks began to spread fan-made poster of the festival, which is a collaborative photo Pugacheva and Vajkule with the caption “We are waiting for Alla in Odessa! And you?”.

Пугачева едет с концертом в Украину, билеты уже в продаже: впервые за 13 лет

In this regard, many fans of the singer hope that the diva will indeed come to Ukraine for the first time in 13 years. The last time she gave a concert in 2006 in Kiev, before that, in 2004, they have performed in Odessa.

However, the official representatives of the singer have not confirmed these rumors. The festival Laima Vaikule LAIMA RENDEZVOUS ODESSA will be held from 8 to 10 August.

Пугачева едет с концертом в Украину, билеты уже в продаже: впервые за 13 лет

Earlier it was reported that the scandal, which erupted after the outrageous antics of the prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva, will be continued.

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Law enforcement officials are going to conduct a review to Institute against Alla Pugacheva’s business about administrative violation.

Lawyer Alexander Sergeyev wrote a statement to the police on Dolly parton, with a request to inspect and to initiate proceedings on administrative violation.

Also, the lawyer Sergeyev insisted that the police conducted the interrogation Pugacheva “with the aim of establishing the perpetrators of the offence”.

In addition, Sergeev demands to bring to disciplinary responsibility and peace officers who have committed this violation.

It was noted that service VIP check-in often are used by politicians and celebrities. She just invented to public persons without attention got to the car and boarded the train.

Recall, Pugachev after the scandal went to have fun.

As reported Politeka, Pugachev and his family left Russia: “this is not bad for 100 thousand Euro”.

Also Politeka wrote that Orbakaite broke the silence, the truth became known about children Pugacheva.