Pugacheva came to the concert in mini-shorts and showed slender legs: “do Not know”

Пугачева пришла на концерт в мини-шортах и показала стройные ножки: "Не узнать"

Alla Pugacheva gave a concert in honor of their anniversary, on the evening of 24 April, at the “Gogol-center”

The event was noticed by her eldest daughter Kristina Orbakaite. The song Pugacheva succeeded each other — known and unknown songs from her repertoire 1970-1980-ies.

The Director of the concert was Kirill Serebrennikov.

“How is our Allah? Our contemporary, strong woman crying at the window, a woman in search of love and freedom, the woman on the seashore with outstretched arms — either crucified, or wanting to hug everyone, sincere and at the same time preserving his secret. It seems to be happy, but all seeking some kind of new happiness. Tired and not calming, tough and vulnerable, generous and prudent, redhead, with a charming flaw, with azure eyes, with a stunning voice. Natural as nature itself, like the sea, like the sky, like summer rain,” — said at the event pieces of silver.

Пугачева пришла на концерт в мини-шортах и показала стройные ножки: "Не узнать"

Пугачева пришла на концерт в мини-шортах и показала стройные ножки: "Не узнать"

Pugacheva’s concert lasted two and a half hours, and ended with the famous “you Know, still”, performed by all participants.

Pugacheva got up from his seat, passed through the hall and up on stage, said:

“I’m in shock. ‘ve never heard of so many good as tonight. What are you doing to me? Right some responsibility again felt. The main thing — that I love you. I love everyone who is sitting in the audience, I love anyone who stands on the stage, but, fortunately, he is not sitting”.

Hall once again erupted with laughter and loud applause.

“I love this theater. I love the unusual interpretation of the songs — their own, not his. That’s creative, that’s what makes live. And then — surprise! New cool!” — said the artist.

She added that “if his legs were healthy, I would kneel before you got up.” The audience confessed his love to her a noisy standing ovation.

Concert Pugacheva came in boots, black jacket of interesting cut and mini-shorts. In this outfit, the actress showed how she is in her 70 years could follow the figure. Recently the Diva was much thinner and, as noted by many, younger. Some do write in the comments that the previous Pugachev in the star do not know. His appearance at the event, she made a splash: the social network with a glut of photos and video from the concert “Our Allah”.

We will remind, the children Pugacheva and Galkin gave a family secret.

As reported Politeka, Galkin leaked personal correspondence with Pugacheva.

Also Politeka wrote that Galkin has published a video with the family Pugacheva and children.

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