Pugacheva and Galkin give children all earned “a fantastic amount”

Пугачева и Галкин отдают детям все заработанное: «фантастические суммы»

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin are spending money right and left

It became known how much star spouses training costs of children and the maintenance of their country of residence.

As you know, take other people’s money in it, but very interesting. Russian journalists decided to find out how much per month I spend singer Alla Pugacheva and her husband, showman and TV presenter Maxim Galkin. It turned out that this fantastic sum.

Пугачева и Галкин отдают детям все заработанное: «фантастические суммы»

So, the biggest monthly expenditure, the couple began teaching their twins Harry and Lisa.

According to the Russian media, each month Galkin and Pugacheva spend not less than 700 thousand rubles a month (about 267 thousand hryvnias). The contents of the estate in the village of Dirt it costs about 300 thousand per month (more than 114 thousand hryvnias).

Lisa and Harry go to an elite kindergarten. For it star parents each month spread 400 thousand rubles (approximately 152 thousand hryvnias). The tutor teaches children to the French language. For this the teacher takes 110 thousand a month (almost 42 thousand hryvnia) for the classes with each child.

Lisa is involved in swimming and to the girl twice a week. the coach, who is paid 48 thousand rubles a month (about 19 thousand hryvnia). Speech therapy for children Pugacheva and Galkin give monthly 12 thousand rubles (4,5 thousand hryvnias). Very costly services nannies – 2,5 million rubles a year (nearly 951 thousand hryvnias).

Penny flies in the contents of star of the family and their huge country house. Its area is three thousand square meters, territory — about one hectare.

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According to the calculations of journalists, only real estate taxes Galkin and Pugacheva can be 400 thousand rubles per year. Another 300 thousand spent on cleaning of the territory and house, security, garden maintenance and swimming pool.

If you add up all the costs, then the result is the amount of 15 million rubles.

Пугачева и Галкин отдают детям все заработанное: «фантастические суммы»

Earlier we wrote that the 6-year-old Lisa Galkin applause in the social network. Alla Pugacheva in the social network Instagram has shared a video featuring his daughter. The girl very confidently performed a dance under cheerful music, using his scythe.

Commentators have touched a girls artistry, her ability to move and childlike.

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As reported Politeka, children Pugacheva and Galkin was stunned by their behavior, the video leaked to the network: “the Poor Alla”.

Also Politeka wrote that Pugachev in mourning clothes scared appearance: “donate eyes”, the network leaked video