Pugachev was dragged under the wheels of the bus: “couldn’t move”

Пугачеву вытащили из-под колес автобуса: "Не могли пошевелиться"

The famous composer Igor Nikolaev told about his friendship with Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva, as well as the story of how their lives almost ended at the same time

Igor Nikolaev has disclosed some details of the friendship with Donna, and remembered what happened on the eve of his birthday. Once the singer asked her to ride on the sled, according to replyua.net.

Пугачеву вытащили из-под колес автобуса: "Не могли пошевелиться"

As soon as the actors left the yard and went into the roadway, the sled got stuck and stopped since the road itself was not covered with snow.

Here, the actors abruptly noticed who had taken the bus out of nowhere, rushing at them on the road. To turn aside chances are it was not due to large snowdrifts along the roadsides. It is clear that the situation was complicated by the slippery road.

Igor Nikolaev remembers that at that moment they both came a sense of shock and stupor. The artists looked at the situation, as if sentenced, froze and did not move.

Nikolaev says that their Pugacheva saved just in case. At the last second the driver managed to stop the bus. Joe, and then kept his head: she took off his hat and began to sing.

Igor Nikolaev added that the bus driver later learned Alla Pugacheva and was in a shocked state.

Пугачеву вытащили из-под колес автобуса: "Не могли пошевелиться"

The events of that night has not ended. Diva wanted to do to Nikolaev gift, and they went to the nearest stall – at least of vodka to buy. But on the way they met a man with a puppy in his hands, which were offered to the actors to buy a pet. Such a gift Pugachev did on the day of birth of the composer.

About this story to fans became known from the TV show “He & She”, where Igor Nikolaev was invited as a guest. During the filming of Nikolaev recalled different cases, one way or another were associated with Alla Pugacheva. The composer spoke about how poor they were, how he tried to catch the car in the dead of night.

Recall that Pugacheva and Galkin have found the third child.

As reported Politeka, Pugacheva lost weight dramatically, I suspect a terrible disease: “I find it hard to breathe and walk.”

Earlier Politeka also wrote that Alla Pugacheva was stunned daring leather outfit.