Publishing Loud: more than digital books

louis-desmarais-alias-alex-tremmThe least one can say about Louis Desmarais, is that it does not shy. Annoyed by the indifference of publishers for it, the person who signs under the pseudonym Alex Tremm chose to start his own box specializing in digital publishing and print, coupled with a small distribution center. Its name: the loud Editions.

Carpenter / renovator, Mr. Desmarais was first published in 1998, youth series Tommy and Julie Strange friend to give her children a love of reading. He returned to writing in 2013 … while going at full speed.

“I went to 14 volumes of about 600 pages. This is also my problem with publishing houses; I write too long! “he said to explain his initiative.

Still, he adds, the saga of his character Lilith was a popular success on the Amazon site. Somewhere between the fantastic, the romantic drama, his trilogy Lilith is followed by another called Damian and then Grand Dragon and The Angels of Lilith.

The author – who describes himself as a good storyteller – says it is for 16 and over, in English and French.

“There will be 21 volumes in all. I have too many stories to tell. And I have a lot of imagination, he says. Inspiration is everywhere, really. ”

The problem, he says, is that many authors who are successful on digital platforms have little input to publish on paper. “Yet there are beads on the Web!”

Through Loud Publishing, adoption Granbyen therefore wants to give a chance – and help other authors who are “stuck” like him to be known to the general public.

These novelists include in particular the French and Sophia Lawrence Ruins trilogy. “I search for books filled action and written in language suitable to the average reader.” No matter the genre, it’s the story that must prevail. This must be very emotional, panting and told with passion, he summarizes, emphasizing the structure of narratives.

“I’m writing a plan for my elaborate trilogies. I am as a writer. But when I get on the computer, I burn the words. I wrote 673 pages in 13 days! ”

Launched recently, Loud Editions promises to attract attention by publishing two to four pounds every six weeks. “There will always renewal. This will be one of our strengths, “says Louis Desmarais.

And he is already dreaming of attacking the French market.

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