Published the toughest video of protests in Moscow: “it looks like the Russian world Putin”, 18 frames

Опубликовано самое жесткое видео протестов в Москве: «Так выглядит русский мир Путина», кадры 18+

In the Internet appeared the frames of the terrible detention of Russians during a large-scale rally, which could escalate into a coup

Footage published blogger Vitauskas on Twitter.

“Something abruptly disappeared tops, calling to put up with Russia to hold peace talks with the Putin regime. Here is the world. Russian world…”,- stated in the message.

Published footage can be seen as a “break” between the two Russians. One of the officers beats people with a stick while the people around just stand and watch.

At the moment we know of about 600 arrests during mass protests. Among them are an opposition politician Love Sable. All the protests came about 1.5 thousand people.

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As previously reported, on August 3 held a new rally against the Moscow authorities. Immediately prior to the event, detained one of the organizers of the protest — Love Sable, which had previously encouraged to go to the protest.

Опубликовано самое жесткое видео протестов в Москве: «Так выглядит русский мир Путина», кадры 18+

According to the Russian independent media, Moscow pulled together a lot of COP, but also the Russian guards. Has already begun mass arrests.

We know for sure about 89 people detained. Among those who were in the van, there was a place for journalists and other media representatives. It is reported that the protesters be violent. One of the participants says that during the arrest he was dragged by his hands and feet, and then tied up and searched. So I almost broke his arm. The authorities call the protesters “freaks and ghouls”.

We will remind, Putin’s regime will collapse soon

And Politeka reported that Poroshenko cynically left out in the cold thousands of military

Also Politeka wrote that the residents blocked the road in the Lviv region