Published suicide videos from Dorenko: what killed the journalist

Опубликовано предсмертное видео с Доренко: что погубило журналиста

Just a few hours before his death, Sergei Dorenko, was away from friends

Well-known Russian journalist and TV presenter, died today, may 9, in Moscow while driving his motorcycle.

Before the tragedy Dorenko was with friends. They filmed a short video as the journalist drove my motorbike, a Triumph which, incidentally, he bought two weeks before his death, outside of a private home and is ready to go on a trip.

Опубликовано предсмертное видео с Доренко: что погубило журналиста

Dorenko is a motorcycle helmet. It warms up the vehicle and wearing gloves. Behind the scenes is heard the relaxed conversation and laughter of his friends.

Saying goodbye to friends, Putin’s advocate left. He was traveling by motorcycle from Kursk station to Taganskaya square. Suddenly Dorenko became ill with heart, he could not keep the bike and fell.

A tragic moment caught on camera of external video surveillance. The video clearly shows that the motorcycle is moving right in the rightmost lane, and then suddenly sharply turns left, crosses the two bands, goes into the oncoming lane and crashed into a chipper.

Here is what Russian journalists the eyewitness of the tragedy: “I was driving my car on the street the Earthen shaft in the direction of Taganskaya square. Motorcycle riding towards me. Suddenly he went into a skid, took him in the side, hit a bump, the driver even before it fell and rolled across the asphalt.”

The motorist said he stopped and helped to carry the body of the journalist on the sidewalk. According to the witness, Dorenko said a word. His eyes were open.

Doctors within an hour tried to return to the life of a Russian propagandist. However, all their efforts proved fruitless. Dorenko died, without regaining consciousness.

According to doctors, he was diagnosed with clinical death.

Опубликовано предсмертное видео с Доренко: что погубило журналиста

We will add that there are also rumors that the death of the controversial promoter was not accidental. Colleague Dorenko, Ksenia Sobchak in his Telegram channel noted that he did not believe in such a version of death Dorenko.

“Now be a mass of conspiracy theories, but somehow in this case I believe in a fatal accident,” wrote Sobchak.

We will add that before the fatal accident Dorenko condemned sensation, arranged around the crash of Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft at Sheremetyevo airport, which occurred on 5 may.

He expressed displeasure that around the tragedy of too much of a fuss, threw a tantrum and an attempt “to soak someone’s head in the toilet”, while actually only need the bare facts and objective assessment.

Recall that after the tragic death of Sergei Dorenko caught on camera: “flying obliquely”.

As reported Politeka, Dorenko has published a controversial post about Russia on the eve of death: “Need to finish”.

Also Politeka wrote that Max Barskih broke the silence after the accident: “I used to…”.